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Pimp's Corrosion


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Hey guys this is a commission I wrote a while ago that I decided to post now. It is a result of me relying on feedback and recommendations from experienced authors. Not sure how well it it came out. 

The huge black pimp was wearing his victory outfit. Pink tuxedo, shiny fedora, leather boots and а scepter, he looked exactly like the stereotypes from the 70's represented in the media.  

“There is no way my hoe's gonna loose to that skank!” he thought to himself stomping his feet. Almon's firm boots emanated a chorus of torturous feminine moans in the sweaty air. 

-   'C'mon knock her wind out again!' - yelled Almond at Aspasia.

-   'Puta, don't give her advantage no more bitch!' - Centaurus supported his fighter.

The second pimp was wearing a lot more casual clothing then his counterpart. Blue jeans, blue boots, t-shirt and a dark blue coat was everything he had to put on before showing up. 

The latino man felt taken aback quiet a bit by the charade his colleague has displayed upon arrival. Coming to a dirty backstreet dressed in an expensive pink tuxedo was one thing. But using six whores or supposedly “bodyguards” as Almond called them, to stay clean off the asphalt was something completely perverted... Then again, the floor was pretty filthy; the local council must have forgotten about this peace of the city.

Earlier at night confident as ever, the brazilian arrived to this forgotten dirty alley leading his bottom-whore on a leash wearing just a coat. 3 months ago Centaurus has made a bet with Almond for the total price of 50k that Gomora was going to wipe the floor with Aspasia. Or Aspasia-whore as he liked to call her. “This should settle the territorial dispute nicely and bring a decent cash flow, just like the past two fights”- the brazilian pimp thought to himself when he agreed the deal. And it made sense. 

Gomora was a tall strong latina with mulatto features. The mixed genes were probably the reason for her stunning european face combined with huge ass and large natural breasts. She has been fighting a lot, usually over tips with the strippers after work, so experience was not an issue.

As instructed by that bimbo double agent Carla the pimp had his champion whore all butt naked underneath her coat. Well almost  - the mulatto wore stiletto high heels and tight net stocking, showing up with each move of her rugged legs. 

Carla waited in the poorly lid street dressed in a short miniskirt and skimpy top. The corrupt undercover police agent was the current referee for the upcoming fight, keeping all the betting money gathered from both brothel-keepers. She worked under Sam's protection, a “colleague” of hers who abused his position to “pimp out” the pimps for protection. Carla was in the business for only about 2 years, but she has done enough to deserve the trusts of the black market businessmen in the area.

“This is too much!” - Yavonne, one of Almond's “bodyguards”, screamed in her head while moaning in pain - “I feel my breasts numb! They will squash into a pulp any moment!”   

The heavy black man was roaming the wooden platform crushing six of his most gifted prostitutes' pairs of “fun bags” - as he liked to called them bosoms. Yavonne found herself having to fulfill this wicked idea of her boss as a punishment for trying to hide her true earnings. Along with five other prostitutes she had to pose as a “bodyguard”, while being used as a”feet mat” for the duration of the upcoming fight. And more precisely their tits.

The whores were used to harassment and ill treatments so this was nothing new. The real pain was a bit earlier, when Almond told them to tie their “fun bags” with ropes to the round mobile rostrum and lift it up with him on it! The group had to carry the whole thing one hundred meters inside the dark alley where the fight was going to take place. 

This act alone have revealed a whole new level of torment to the suffering prostitutes. They had to endure 300 pounds stretching their hangers beyond belief, while being ushered and zapped with an electric stick by that bitch Aspasia! She herself was on a leash dragged behind by Almond, but loved to show her authority even when serving her pimp's will.

The shortcut raven haired brith was the main whore of Almond after all. Aspasia was a nickname received in her early years working on the tracks and stuck with her till today. She was of Caucasian chavette with toned, muscular build. This actually became apparent fairly recently, after she trained intensely for the last 3 months! The whore was famous for being short-tempered like Almond, mean to everyone just like him and spending a lot of time in his privacy. With his private parts too, no doubt.

The black pimp was satisfied with the performance of his top-whore so far. Aspasia was a bit smaller then her opponent, but boy did she know how to fight! Ever since the cat-brawl started the white whore was trusting punches left and right non-stop and currently was trashing Gomora on the ground. Even when fallen down, the brown latina was tough though. She still presented a danger, trowing back good kicks preventing her opponent to get to her face.  

'Gomora get up!' - Centaurus yelled. He remembered his cage fighting days and barely restrained himself from taking off his shirt from excitement. It would inspire Gomora, but the corrupt police agent was here too and the latino's heavy tattoos always caused questions.   

Blindly the brazilian lurched her left foot and finally kicked Aspasia behind the knee strong enough for the british female fighter to fall down. This made Almond stomp his foot with immense anger and enforce yet another set of loud moans from the poor women underneath.

'Don't you dare!” - exclaimed the big black thug. 

But the though latina was already on top of her opponent. She was still in good shape despite taking so much hits to her stomach and lungs. And now it was time to give them all back! Centaurus's bitch begun delivering devastating blows to her nemesis' hips and kidneys, bruising her badly. This of course was met with cheers by the brazilian pimp, happy his bitch was winning... 

'Stop!' - Gomora was suddenly disrupted by Carla - 'Only body harm to private and breasts are permuted of this level bitches!' 

'Racist whore, go suck a dick!' - the brazilian pimp exclaimed, expressing his anger thinking his champion was being discriminated. But Carla knew he would not do something funny. Sam had too much authority over all of them. 

'May be later!' - the referee sassed back. 

Gomora spent no time for quarrel. While still pressing on the ground the sporadically breathing Aspasia, the heavy brazilian stepped with her solid soles on top of the chavette's breasts! One after another, the cruel stilettos dug into the vulnerable flesh! Twisting both of her opponent's wrists with her left hand, Gomora let her right fist loose on the white prostitute's bosoms full force!

This sequence of actions however took away a lot more of the weight on top of the british fighter! Gaining leverage and mustering all her muscle force she managed to throw Gomora off her in one sharp go. 

Surprisingly quick for her size, the mulatto fighter went back at the brit at once! She locked Aspasia's right tits in a deadlock within her right knee fold and started to rattle her enemy around. The stupid chavette was suffering in a disadvantage again, but tried to hit back. Aspasia scratched with nails the ass and legs of her opponent, but Gomora kept twisting Almond's champion body around pulling mercilessly by her one breast. She even squashed it to the maximum by pressing her brown ankle with both one hand! 

The dumb brith jerked from the pain her torso upwards, lifting the heavy brazilian off the ground in the process. The astonishing performance elicited a long agonizing moan from the white whore's lungs as she stretched her right bosom almost 10 inches off her chest! Nonetheless it impeded Gomora's movements as she dangled in the air. But the latina would not let go and even grabbed her ankle with both hands so she can keep straining Aspasia's lamentable right breast!

Bending up and down, the white brith started smashing Gomora into the ground. It was visible from her facial expression the white skank was enduring with great effort the pain from her overused  hooter. 

Albeit the back of the brazilian got nicely bruised and greased in dirt, still the strong latina held on. She remained offensive and managed to hug the other big fat breast of Aspasia in between her other knee fold. Using the better support from the two jugs, Gomora started twisting her brawny body around to make it even more discomfortable for her nemesis. 

'That's it puta!' - Centaurus contracted his fists as he cheered up again – 'Yank off di bitch' tetas!'

Almond was starting to get quiet annoyed. The brazilian pimp has not stopped nagging and the fight have turned upside down literally for the past minute.

'Aspasia-whore!' – the black giant called upon his bottom-whore using the derogatory Centaurus's naming he made up when they first met. 'This is waiting for you if you loose!' - Almond stated as he begun jumping on the platform with vengeance! His 'bodyguards' evoked series of short shrieks as their badly bruised breasts were pummeled again by the harsh wooden rim into the filthy asphalt. That's because they all laid down on their tummies now, keeping the platform with their boss off the dirt with their cans jammed underneath it. The surface was uneven, but Almond didn't mind.

“No way I ain't loosin'!” - Aspasia exclaimed in her mind. 

At this point she spotted when she stood up the anus of her opponent got closer to her face. It was opening up with each effort of the latina and was leaking cum...

'I'ma gona get your whore's ass!' - the chavette screamed. Powering through the immense pain emanating from her poor fat tits the white bitch started punching violently into Gomora's anus with her right fist. But the latina was no stranger to taking large insertions delivered with no tender up her colon. Aspasia's hand entered very easy half up the elbow, splattering the semen on Aspasia's face. Just like regular anal sex, fisting was something common for the Rio De Janeo born prostitute. And with the leaking sperm providing lubrication even with no preparation a female punchfisting was no challenge for the experienced back entrance of the brazilian puta. 

So in instead of hearing moans of pain from Gomora,  Aspasia felt even more violent jerking on her poor tits. The brith then resorted to even move cruel methods. Squeezing in between her aching tits, she punched her other fist, right next to the first one! It still went in albeit harder, but this time it drew out a yelp of pain from the mulatto female. Enraged by her opponent's resilience Aspasia sharply widened her elbows creating a cone shape with her hands. This extended the anal rim of Gomora significantly, proving to be a challenge even for her well trained rear muscle. The latina squealed and started to shake herself vigorously, yanking the shit out of Aspasia's poor bazongas.

The stubborn chavette have proven she can be very resilient in the past as she did now. Despite the unbearable pain the brithish whore somehow managed to remain straight keeping her opponent off the ground! Mustering all her willpower the mighty punk unfolded her fists, grabbed her opponent's anus and started pulling it as far as she could!

Aspasia kept tugging till Gomora gave a mighty cry as her rear turned into a rose butt! She even had to stop jerking up and down; it hurt so bad! Starting to feel on the ropes, the brazilian decided to switch tactics and start doing reciprocal damage to Aspasia's privates. With her strong hands the mulatto begun punching the britt's clit and both other holes, clearly hoping to force her enemy into submission first.

The resilient chavette wouldn't make a moan. Despite suffering terrible damage, even bleeding, she just grit her teeth and growled silently. Withstanding the audacious onslaught of her lower fuckholes she kept stretching Gomora's ass further and further till it cracked and the broken skin started to bleed! The latina gave an agonizing cry, stopped moving and slid to the ground with a pink gaping & bloodied anus! 

The astonished audience was watching in silence for the past few minutes, mesmerized by the display of cruelty and dedication from the two fighters. But now when it was becoming apparent who the winner might be, it naturally provoked new set of reactions. 

'PUTA!' - Centaurus was furious. 

'YEAS cunt, go on!' - Almond felt exalted!

His bitch put Gomora's throat in a deadlock and started choking the half-conscious body of her nemesis! Sassing obscenities in her opponent's ear the chavette tugged with her free hand the poor juicy tits from underneath the suffocating brazilian. She layed them on either side of the mumbling mulatto's chest and left the udders there - exposed and vulnerable! Feeling particularly cruel, Aspasia kneed on top of the brown honkers and started crushing the soft flesh onto the asphalt! She did this while drawing her ankles way backwards to even out the weight, thus keeping the broken prostitute down for good. 

Gomora relinquished cries of anguish, but still wouldn't give up! To speed things up Almond threw his electric stick next to his bottom-bitch prompting her to use it. Feeling helpless, Centaurus angrily tossed his whip at Gomora yelling:

'Aim for the eyes!' 

Both girls picked their respective weapons and started whipping and zapping at each other! Clara came closer to oversee that nothing like what the brazilian pimp agitated would happen. 

Being suppressed, suffocated and electrocuted to shit Gomora's blind attempts to hurt Aspasia  gradually weakened. Until the brazilian's muscular body went limp - she have finally fainted.

Centaurus swallowed and tried to ease his defeat thinking: ''At least my bitch fought till she was knocked out..'' And now that they lost Gomora would be tortured and raped... But may be he can make up something to mitigate some of his colossal loses. 

Sam was enjoying this way too much! After all not everyday he got to fuck a pink prolapse stroked by his bitch Clara. And the sight in front was crazy hot alright! 

''I needed that painkillers!'' - Gomora surmised as she squeezed her dark purple flesh-bags just a bit more through the two rollers. Spaced barely an inch and rigged all around they were the ultimate punishment for the soft burnt, bruised and cut feminine paps. The brazilian BDSM whore was rotating them with her own hands and so far the damn udders were only half way through! This hell at Almond's club has been going on for almost two hours and her maltreated hangers have gone completely numb! 

In contrast Gomora's anal ring was on fire! And there were so many customers celebrating Aspasia's victory, all of whom would cum inside the mulatto's broken gut eventually....

'It's all good' – Gomora soothed herself – 'Centaurus will get a small cut off this extreme prolapse perversity.'  

And then she will be fine. Her pimp will fix her up just like before - it will simply cost a lot more this time! Gomora grit her teeth and kept sneezing her overtormented boobs further into the cursed rollers, wondering would her pulverized gut servicing as a cock sleeve tonight be enough to pay for the recovery?


If you wish to see more please look me up for support or chat me with here with ideas!

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