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He Likes To Watch

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Trigger warning: Cuckold, DDlg terminology, degrading terminology

She opened her mouth to express her joy, and moaned a moan like I'd never heard before. It was like listening to beautiful music that made you cry the first time you heard it, it held so much passion and emotion in every note. I could cry myself, her happiness moved me so.

Her eyes were wide as she moaned, staring right at me. As if to say, "You've never given me this, I want only this now, all the time this".

She would turn and look at this thrusting monster with a look of desire, shock and disbelief, but with grasping hands on his crashing body that silently screamed,

"Don't you DARE fucking stop!"

And secretly I prayed he never would. I wanted his cock to remain the smooth polished wet stone it was for all eternity. Fucking my love, making her scream and cum, gushing all over his body and the bed. That smacking sound of skin hitting skin, his torso pounding against her as his powerful pillar penetrated her pussy again and again and again.


Dirty girl.

I couldn't help but stroke my own cock. She was so hot and turned on it was driving me wild. I wanted to cum all over her body like a vandal graffitying a beautiful statue. It was the least I could do since this huge minotaur had taken my wife for himself. But every time I tried to stand up she snarled,

"Sit down! I want a real cock!"

I begged and pleaded with her. I was so close to cumming just watching her sexy body.

"Please don't make me cum on myself. Please suck my cock. I know I don't deserve it. But I'm a greedy greedy man."

She looked at my hard cock as I continued to stroke it. She moaned like a whore from his strong thrusts and opened her mouth sticking out her tongue at me. I immediately thanked the gods and placed my cock near her lips, when she took the head of my cock and moaned an 'mmmm' sound like she had just taken the first spoon of dessert. She continued to suck deeper and deeper down my shaft as the bull mocked me.

"You like her mouth little man? Too bad you're not big and strong enough to give her pussy what it needs!" He growled.

"Ain't that right you little slut?"

Her pussy was audibly squirting and slapping wet juices of want and need all over his pubic region. She was moaning a response on my cock I could feel her tongue moving and her teeth grind.

"Who's your Daddy now?" He shouted at her.

She removed my cock and looked up at me smiling and staring right at my face as she replied, "You are sir!" As her delicious breasts shook with the rest of her body as he fucked her like she weighed nothing. Just a toy to play with. Another young bitch to breed.

She only wanted to focus on this beast fucking her. She closed her eyes and pushed her face in the pillow to swallow everything, her screams, her drool and her swearing at the sensations this real man made her feel.

"Tell your man who's your Daddy!" He barked.

Without a moment's hesitation, she turned her head and faced me to say, tongue almost hanging out in ecstasy,


With that I came the hardest I've ever came in my life. She instinctively sucked on my cock as I groaned and she stroked every last drop of cum from my cock as her tongue lashed and teased at the head of my cock like a filthy slut.

"Yeah, you feel better now honey? He's about to cum. Do you want the big bad man to cum inside me?" She spoke smiling again.

"God yes!"** Was the only reply I could give.

And with that the beast roared to the heavens, slapping his huge muscular body violently repeatedly against her, so hard I ***ed she would break. Her ass and pussy were red and the smacking sounds hard. He shot his seed deep inside her, where he left his staff to rest a while. All this as she rubbed her pussy, never wanting the pleasure to end. Probably trying to keep the cum from spilling out. To keep a real man's cum in her pussy. To breed her like a fucking slut.

I collapsed in awe in the chair. She was speechless from cumming so much and being filled by a far far better man.
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