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You were leaving to go meet a friend for lunch.

Bye Daddy, will be back in a bit.


Ok, Baby, have fun! Daddy said looking up from his laptop.


You were just down the road when your friend called. Sorry, work just blew up on me. Can we try next week?


No problem,  barely out of the neighborhood. 


You spun around and headed back to the house. 


As soon as you walked in the door, you heard a loud moaning "Uuuuuuahhh" echo through the house 


You froze.


Uuuuuuuuaaah, yes Daddy!


You took a step forward.



Take it!


You slowly walked toward the source of the noise.


It was the office.


You quietly walked towards the office door.


Daddy was sitting in the chair at the desk. On the huge monitor was a big tit blonde woman with nipple clamps getting fucked on the ass by a guy.


Her tits bounced while the clamps and chain jingles as she got pumped in her ass.


Daddy was stroking his cocktail.


One hand up and down on his cocktail, the other one playing with his balls.


His eyes were fixed on the whore getting pumped. 

Daddy bit down on his lower lip and sucked on it.


The video ended.


Daddy let go of his balls, but kept squeezing his cock. He tapped of the mouse pad and another video started.


It was a grainy video of a woman on her knees saying cum on me Daddy, as she took a facial. It switched to another scene of a woman stroking 2 cocks as them came on her tits.


You shifted your weight by the door and the floor creaked.


Daddys head darted over. Oh fuck.


No. Keep going.  Please.


Daddy stroked his  cock looking at you. 


Pretend I'm not here.


He looked back at the video. 2 girls were sucking a cocktail as they shared a  cumshot from a huge cock.


Get on your knees under the desk.


You crawled under the desk.


Daddy stroked his cock watching the videos, ignoring you.


His breathing got heavier. 


He stroked faster.


He bit his lower lip.


Fuck he moaned.


He stroked faster and changed the grip on his cocktail.

Stroked it straight up and down.


Uuuhhhh... uuuhhh...uuuhhh.... fuuuck.


His head jersey back. He closed his eyes.

His chest went up and down with each heavy short breath.


Daddy's cum shot out and squirted your face.

More squirts shot onto Daddys stomach and hands. Dripping down his cock.


Daddy held out his hand. 


You licked the cum off my hand. Sucked on my fingers.


You licked my cock, slurping all the cum off my clock and balls that had dripped down.


You licked  the rest of my body cleaning off my cum.


Daddy exhaled deeply.


Thank you Baby

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