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CFNM/embarrassed naked male story


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The Office Bet

Emily walked into the office with her usual confidence, her heels clicking against the tiled floor. She was always impeccably dressed, today in a tailored black suit that accentuated her figure. Her colleagues greeted her with the usual mix of admiration and respect. Among them was Tom, a junior employee who had joined the company a few months ago. Tom was good at his job, but he often found himself the target of playful teasing due to his shyness.

One Friday afternoon, after a particularly stressful week, the office decided to unwind with a casual gathering in the break room. Someone suggested playing a game of dares, and the idea quickly caught on. Emily, always up for some fun, proposed a daring challenge: "How about a bet? The loser has to do something embarrassing."

Tom, eager to fit in, reluctantly agreed. He didn't expect to lose, but fate had other plans. After a series of intense rounds, Tom found himself on the losing end of a simple trivia question. Emily, with a mischievous glint in her eye, announced the terms of his ***: "Tom, you'll spend the next hour completely naked while we all stay clothed."

Tom's face flushed bright red. He glanced around the room, seeing the curious and excited expressions of his colleagues. Emily stepped closer, her authoritative presence making him feel even smaller. "Well, Tom? A bet's a bet."

With a deep breath, Tom began to undress. His hands trembled as he removed his shirt, then his trousers, and finally, his underwear. He stood in the center of the room, stark naked, feeling utterly exposed and ***. The contrast between his nudity and the fully clothed colleagues around him intensified his sense of ***.

Emily walked around him, her heels echoing in the silent room. "How do you feel, Tom?" she asked, her voice dripping with playful mockery.
"Embarrassed," he mumbled, avoiding eye contact.
"Good," she replied with a smile. "Now, we all get to ask you questions, and you have to answer honestly. No lies."

The questions started innocently enough, but soon became more personal and probing. Each answer Tom gave seemed to amuse his colleagues even more. He could feel their eyes on him, scrutinizing every inch of his exposed skin. Emily, enjoying her role as the instigator, occasionally directed him to pose in different ways, further amplifying his ***.

At one point, Emily handed him a tray of drinks. "Serve us, will you, Tom?" she commanded. Tom, blushing furiously, complied. As he moved around the room, serving his clothed colleagues while naked, he felt the weight of their gazes and the sting of their laughter.
The hour seemed to stretch on forever, but finally, Emily declared the bet fulfilled. "You can get dressed now, Tom," she said with a wink.

Tom hurriedly put his clothes back on, his face still flushed from the ordeal. As he buttoned his shirt, he couldn't help but feel a strange mix of embarrassment and exhilaration. Despite the ***, there was a certain thrill in having gone through with the dare.

Emily patted him on the back. "You took that like a champ, Tom. Maybe next time, you'll be the one making the bets."

Tom managed a weak smile. "Maybe," he replied, feeling a new sense of camaraderie with his colleagues, and a newfound respect for the power dynamics that had just played out.
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If that would have been me I would probably have cum from the excitement and ***! Did that before in gym class when I was the only one naked trying to get in my locker I could feel my cock swelling because I knew everyone was looking at me! . It would not open and everyone was standing around looking at me and I could feel my cock getting harder and harder ! actually had a dry ejaculation. I had never heard of it until I read about it later! No one knew. I am just glad I didn’t shoot off on the floor. I can only imagine all the guys laughing at me!

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