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Amazon Delivery man knocks

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Then I invited him in, and he sat on my sofa and I asked him if he wanted something to drink. I put some music on so we wouldn't be sitting in silence.

He said he'd love a glass of water so I fetched one from the kitchen. When I returned I gave him the glass and our hands touched briefly. He looked into my eyes and I was captivated by his smile. Then he patted his hand on his knee and said, "Why don't you sit down and relax too". So I sat and straddled his big leg, when suddenly it started to shake. Yes, he was tapping his foot on the floor to the beat of the music. His jeans were rubbing against my thin clothes. It felt, pleasurable, down there. Then as the music continued, he'd shake his leg faster and faster and start humming. Oh my god it felt so amazing.

Did he know? Was he doing this on purpose? I looked at him drunk with pleasure, he just smiled innocently and continued humming. It turned me on even more. Then suddenly wave after wave of pleasure washed over me and I was moaning and grinding against his jeans. Then he whispered into my ear, "Good girl".

Then I remembered, I'm a man, and straight. And I didn't actually let the Amazon guy in. I just took the parcel, said "thanks" and shut the door.

God I'm bored...
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