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What am i.....?


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I.....? Don't know where I belong. I am a straight male that like lingerie. I am not a cross dresser. I do like to have woman dress me up and play withe as a doll but not into real social aspect of going out. I have facial hair that does not get removed. I am a proud male that just like to be played with like a girl. So what am I 


it seems a bit.... you like to cross dress and play as a girl, but don't consider yourself a cross dresser?

Which, I dunno

It depends which element of all this is what appeals to you.   It could be for example you're a lingerie fetishist.

It could be you consider yourself a toy, plaything, or doll ?

it could be that you're simply into feminization play?


I guess for me. I quite like being someone's play thing, someone's toy.  And if someone wants to dress up their toy and make it pretty then - ok... but then that's not really even about clothing, but in the style of play.

Why do you have to be anything at all? Why not just be a "straight male that likes lingerie"?

I think sometimes we can get too caught up trying to analyse and label ourselves rather than just enjoying something because we enjoy it, and finding others to enjoy it with.

It's not an uncommon thing to enjoy wearing women's lingerie either, even for straight guys - I'm bisexual but have dabbled from time to time over the years, and the idea has become more appealing again recently, and don't think it's linked to my sexuality at all.

For some it's the look or feel of it, for some it comes from a place of submission, or may even tie back to early experiences.

Whatever the reason, if it's something you enjoy, and it doesn't harm others or yourself, just enjoy it rather than try to work it out or put a label on it.
A man with a femme side? An interest in being sissy? What do you mean where do you belong? I don't quite understand that part of your question. You don't need to label yourself but if you want to meet female partners then I guess you need to state what you're looking for from women and be clear about what you enjoy as well as what you've mentioned.
There isn't really a label for who you are because you like lingerie, you just have a lingerie fetish. There's many men who like the same, wearing lingerie, some just at home, other who wear lingerie under there clothes out & about & those who are more into the social aspect. Doesn't matter if you're straight, have facial hair, it's just what you enjoy, maybe because of the feel of the material, maybe because it empowers you to be free to not conform to male underwear or even just vanity cuz it looks nice on, there's various reasons for lingerie, or any other item ofclothing fetish but there's no defining you as in the sense of where you belong, it's just a fetish like any other, the only place you "belong" is doing what makes you happy.
I agree with advice here. As long as you are happy, be you and don't worry. I enjoy latex leather pvc on a woman and would love to wear outfits made from those materials but unfortunately can't. Your making me a little jealous haha...It's your life and do things that make you happy and enjoy yourself no matter what your sexuality or background is...and you dont need to label yourself if you dont want to, its your choice... We are all different, so own your individuality 👍🙂
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