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How do I rediscover my little?


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So please excuse if the way I use the term doesn't make sense, I'm still learning 🤷🙈

I used to have a little one in me. Non-sexual. Just a comfort thing when I was tired. Well after leaving a tumultuous relationship, I've realised that I don't do it anymore. I miss it. I think I just spent a long time feeling permanently on edge and never comfortable enough for her to come out.

Does anyone have any experience and/or advice on how to overcome this and rediscover my little?

Have fun!
Color some pictures
Grab some fuzzy pjs
Eat some fruit snacks
Let your imagination take over and do whatever feels natural
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This is just my opinion on what I been through. I was like that for a few months and then out of nowhere few things and people start to bring it out more and more. When I want to go to that little space, carefree happiness, not the sad little version 😒which I don’t like much 🤷🏽‍♀️I do the things and talk to people that brings it out. 


The first person that made my little side come out in public, it’s my best friend. He made me feel comfortable that I can be myself without any judgement, something been struggling with. At first I was skipping in front of him and then I realized what I did that I stop; seeing his face, of how happy he was, seeing that ,sight, that side of me and him telling me “why you stop?” made me extremely happy that started to do it more even with other people. When I see my little side slipping I talk to him or I see him. 

So, It may be that at this point in your life your little space it’s not required. It could be life it’s requiring more of your adult self or it may be that your little was an escape from adulting and now you don’t need it as much you did before. It could as you said you are not comfortable enough to let it come out and may be afraid you won’t have someone to catch you  


Try to Think back, why your little side came out before? How you were feeling at that moment when it may come out ? When was it ? What you felt afterwards when it came out ? What things you can do to get you comfortable, relax, for you to let your little side out ? Do you have someone that makes you feel at home/comfortable for you to let your little out even for a few seconds ? 

As @purrincesspeach do those things. Also take time for you even five minutes, or more, of your time to dedicate it to your little side and then increase each time. A good way It’s to think back when you were a kid and see how carefree and happy you were and it may nudge your little side  to come out 

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First I'm sorry you are feeling this way. It quite honestly sucks when this happens. I can only speak to my own experience. When this happened to me I found I couldn't *** trying to go full little mode again because it felt just that ***d. I started small. I got my favourite blanket and watched a favourite Disney movie. I would do small things to build it up and help myself feel more confident and happy being a little in my own space. Made sure I had a small supply of my favourite snacks, that I had pretty headbands or jewellery that made me feel more little. It all builds up.Then I could start venturing out and about in little space more.



What was making you feel uncomfortable and on edge? Address those first.

Once you are at peace, start to explore activities which encourages your little side to come out.

Once your little side is out, play till your heart is content

Honestly from experience of subs with that side, when you are feeling more secure, more detached from your past relationship it will come
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