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The Reward part 2

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……I moved closer to her face, stroking her head , giving her soft kisses all over her, telling her to open her mouth and stick out her tongue, I move closer again and begin to suck her it, i can taste her ass, we start to tongue kiss , foraging each other’s mouths for saliva. We continue slurping and sucking , swallowing each others spit. She is so worked up by now I feel like it’s time to back off, calm her down. I slowly start to pull away from the kiss, teasing her . Slowly pulling back and forth and finally away.

I get up and walk around the bed and give her a firm smack on the ass, she lets out a loud yelp. I give her another and she replies the same.
Her ass still raised in the air I decide to stay on this route.
I look on the table beside the bed at an array of toys and implements, forefinger against my lips as I muse which ones to use. Ahh the old faithfuls, the inflatable butt plus a Wartenberg . Mmmm I mutter to myself.
Although he face is away from view I figure I’ll blindfold her 1st, I mean I don’t want her to know what’s going to happen next do I 👹

After blindfolding her I lean over a whisper in her ear, “ this is going to be fun, just maybe not for you”
And kiss her forehead again.
Back onto the bed , I start to work on her sodden pussy again, not for her pleasure of course but for some natural lube. She should be thankful I’d ran out and need to use her pussy in this way after all. Of course she’s getting excited again but all to be for nothing as I come to an immediate stop. Her asshole is now soaked at this stage so I start to slowly push the deflated butt plug in. There is enough air for it to be in a solid form. To describe this one. It’s not one of those big as your arm inflatables, but a start size of a modest 5” but expands hugely in width and length.

Once all the way in I pull it in and out for a good few minutes to loosen her up a little, throwing in a few good whacks on her ass for good measure, she’s loving this going in and out of her asshole, pushing her ass back wanting it more and more……..huh I think to myself. I stop the movement and leave it just idling there . Then I start to pump, slowly the plug starts to swell, he ass slowly starts to open. I keep pumping slowly amazed at the size of her asshole and how much it stretches , all the time she is hurting, but a pleasurable hurt, I stop pumping and let it settle for a cpl of minutes , I’d say it’s 2.5-3” in diameter. I run my finger around her asshole lips as they are stretched
and taut . Generously I loosen the valve and deflate the plug to give sone relief , pulling it out and admiring her gape, beautiful as it glistened just enough for me to see. Obviously she was to taste herself againby sucking clean the plug before it was reinserted.
So I again it goes, showing no real mercy this time it was pumped hard and fast, disallowing comfortable stretching. And deciding to take the stretch a little further but not enough for ripping. Now it was time to introduce the Wartenberg ,I started to circle her over sensitive ass lips tightly stretched against the silicon gently, while watching her writhe and wiggle as it ran pin by pin, so soft probably nothing more than a slight tickle on a nipple or belly but on a sensitive stretched asshole, mmmmm shudder to think . I continue this for around 5 minutes, then start to apply a little more pressure , she starts to let out short yelps as the pin wheel pushes deeper than it should. I give her a quick rest break, a small rub on her pussy and clit, just before the final round with these toys.
Now I pump the pump a little more and I start to hear slight whimpering coming from the end of the bed, this doesn’t deter me to pump a little more . A few more minutes with the pin wheel is needed ,this time applying a lot more pressure , watching that wheel running around her stretched ring and the pins digging in her flesh give me a such a solid raging hard on……. She’s sobbing and yelping constantly trying to wriggle her ass away but obviously to no avail.
I feel she’s had enough at this stage
I decide to deflate the butt plug and put it to one side.
I watch amazed as her gape slowly retracts leaving a ring of red, swollen and slightly bruised asshole lips in front of me, it sends shudders though my body so I just have to, i part her ass cheeks with my hands and close my opened mouth over her hole creating a vacuum sucking on her ass ring so swollen and puffy in my mouth sucking,pushing my tongue inside, tasting her, spoiling her but treating myself also her sobbing has stopped and turned into moans of pleasure as she pushes her hole into my face as much as she can……………………… to be continued
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