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a visit from Miss part 2


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I lay tormented where Miss and Mistress left me the music that was playing in my earphones has stopped. I don’t know how long I have been left like this.  I suddenly hear a sound and voices as the door to the room creaks open.

“Look at him sweetie” Mistress tells Miss

“He looks so tormented Mistress maybe we should ??”

“Should what sweetie?” Mistress asks

“Well Mistress you gave me a spanking maybe it should be the little ones turn” Miss laughs

“Excellent Idea sweetie but remember don’t get to over enthusiastic you haven’t hit him before”

I feel someone unclip the spreader bar my legs can finally close again.

“Oh, don’t going closing them little one I am going to have fun with everything”

I hear Miss laughing hard now. My hands are set free my blind fold and headphones removed. My eyes start to readjust. My jaw drops at what Mistress and Miss are wearing, Mistress is dressed in a green latex A line skater dress with fishnet stockings. I look over to Miss she turns and teases me showing me her ass it is a nice glowing red, from where Mistress has given her a spanking. She is wearing a black spanking skirt with a pair of black wet look hold ups. She turns back and I notice she is topless a few marks on her boobs from what looks like pegs.

“Shut that mouth” Mistress orders

I close my mouth “Sorry Mistress” I reply

“Um I don’t remember telling you that you could look or speak slut!” Mistress reiterates.

She looks over at Miss “Like I showed you sweetie flip him”

“Yes Mistress” Miss replies with excitement in her voice.

She walks over to me turns looks at Mistress waiting for the nod, Mistress nods and with that Miss pushes her ass into my face then pulls away. “ Now little one if your really good you may get to please me” Miss laughs has she reaches out with her hand and grabs a hold of my hair I wince has she pulls me to my knees in front of her “your ass is ours little one”

She drags me to the foot of the bed pulls me up and pushes me over the edge of the bed. My ass is in the air as she pushes me down she starts to tease and rub moving her hand up and down over my ass checks, suddenly I feel a slap of a hand coming down I let out a gasp before I can get my breath another one hits.

“How am I doing Mistress?” Miss asks

“You are doing well Sweetie but let me help you a little” Mistress laughs

Mistress comes over and strikes me with her hand “Can you see what I am doing sweetie like this and you won’t hurt your hand. Now have another go.”

I feel Misses hand hit me again this time a lot harder. I wiggle to show Miss its ok to keep going strike after strike from her hand hits I can feel my ass getting warmer.

“Sweetie enough with the hand now you don’t want to make them sore, do you? Why don’t you try this?”

I try to see what Mistress has handed Miss, but Miss pushes me back down,

“Stay the fuck down little one!” Miss Orders

“Hold on sweetie, you go that side and I will go this side you go after me”

“Yes Mistress”

I suddenly feel a slap on my ass I know that feel it’s the latex flogger, then another slap, this time from the other side slap after slap the latex doesn’t hurt to start with but slowly starts to sting after the repeated slapping.

Suddenly something sharp digs into my ass checks and I hear laughing from both Mistress and Miss.

“Make him giggle with this sweetie “Mistress tells Miss “and if he does, I will give him a slap with this”

I feel Miss push the sharp object along my ass check it has to be the pin wheel it always makes me giggle for some strange unknown reason, maybe it’s a nervous thing? I am using everything I can to hold in the giggling. Suddenly Miss grabs a hand full of my hair and pulls my head back.

“You will giggle for me little one or else you won’t get any treats” she laughs evilly.

I can’t hold the giggling anymore and start to giggle the pin wheel stops and suddenly whack I let out a yelp has a paddle hits my ass followed by 4 more.

“I like this game sweetie do it again” Mistress orders

“Yes Mistress” Miss replies with a grin in her voice.

The pinwheel starts again this time I can hold it I giggle almost straight away again the pinwheel stops and the paddle hits 10 times this time. Mistress and Miss are laughing.

“Now sweetie you’re not quite ready for this one but I need to have a go. You go up by his head and make sure he is ok you may kiss if you wish too”

Miss moves in front of me tilts my head up to look at her. “Are you ok little one?” she asks

“Yes, Miss I reply”

Mistress tells me not to move as she hits me, the sharp sting of the cane makes me wince, Miss sees this and tells me it will be worth it and starts to kiss me again the cane comes down I try to let out a noise but cant Miss pulls me closer to her and kisses me harder. The stroke of the cane follows 19 more times my ass feels tender now.

“Now Sweetie you get to do something you wanted while I watch” Mistress tells Miss

“you’re going to love this little one”

Miss gets up and moves back to Mistress

“No peeking little one” Miss laughs mischievous.

Mistress moves to the side and sits in a chair ready. I try to look over and she tells me “No, you were told to keep still and not look”

I feel a slap on my ass from Miss followed by something cold dripping down between my ass cheeks followed by a finger as Miss starts to work in the lube, I let out a moan has Miss pushes her finger in.

“Oh, little one I want more than that” Miss laughs, suddenly she pushes something bigger into me and starts moving it in and out. “Look in the mirror little one” Miss orders “ see what I am doing to you” I lift my head to see Miss moving behind me she has started fucking me with a strap on “I told you I was going to peg you little-one and you will cum for me”

She fucks me harder and deeper with each stroke making me moan with pleasure she pulls me back towards her I feel my cock twitching and starting to drip. I let out a moan as the dildo hits my prostrate, this makes Miss even more excited she pulls my hair back “Take it like a slut” she orders

“Yes Miss” I reply with a shortness of breath my body tenses as I orgasm. Miss starts to slow a little as I start to catch my breath Miss thrusts in again “Not done with you yet little one, Mistress tells me you can take so much more”

I hear Mistress laughing and cheering Miss on. My orgasm starts to build again this time I tense more and orgasm harder repeatedly my knees start to buckle I can’t take much more.

“I think the slut may have had enough Mistress” Miss laughs, as she pulls her strap on out, I drop to the floor my body a worn-out wreck.

Mistress and Miss help me up and lie me on the bed both holding me.

“Good girl sweetie” Mistress congratulates Miss

“Thank you Mistress I think little one enjoyed it as much as me”

“I did Miss” I reply

Both hold me lovingly in their arms.

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