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She knew what she was doing Part 1


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I look at myself in the mirror adjusting my tie before looking at my watch its almost time she should be on her way by now. I pick up my phone and send her a txt “how far out are you?” I wait and the read message pops up on the screen yet no reply she knew what she was doing. 
I wonder back downstairs to the party where everyone is enjoying themselves music and laughing and the drinks flowing freely, I  pick a drink up from the tray and take a sip still no reply to my txt. A car pulls up outside the house I look out its cab the cab door opens and out she steps adjusting her dress. I open the front door and step out to meet her before she can knock. She’s dressed modest in black classy dress stocking and heels as instructed her lips a bright shade a rouge. As she approaches, I notice a cheeky smirk on her face. She knew what she was doing. I check my watch 15 minutes have passed since I sent my txt to her. I clench my jaw and stare at her in a stern tone “ I suppose you must of forgot your manners.” 
She almost starts to giggle “I’m here, where is the lucky bride?” 
I grab you around the waist pull you close to me as you remove you coat, the smell of your perfume filling my nose as I breath onto your neck “you’re skating on really thin ice.” I growl to her. 
“well then I better mind myself..” she smirks as I watch her wonder off down the hall way to the kitchen watching her sway her ass looking over her shoulder to see I am watching her. She knew what she was doing. She makes her rounds greeting people and sits herself down crossing her legs. A gentlemen says something to her, she glances over thinking I wont notice as places her hand on her neck and then run it across her collarbone. Her mouthing the words thank you to him. She tilts her head to the side and gives out smile as she grabs a glass of champagne. I make sure she can feel my glare from across the room. She knew what she was doing. I approach her with disbelief in my voice “are you enjoying that drink?” She looks away and hesitates thinking of her answer. “Actually I am, it’s quite lovely. I think I may have another.” She turns to see the fury in my blue eyes “Won’t you have one with me?” she asks cheekily I take hold of her chin and turn her towards me I look her in the eyes and she tries to look away but her body betrays her as she looks to the floor knowing shes pushing to far but she knew what she was doing. I notice her clamping her legs shut her biting her bottom lip her body betraying her it always does. I know she’s getting wet from the way her legs clamp and tub together. I sit down next to her placing my hand on her thigh I pay her a compliment. I tell her to finish the drink my hand tightening on her thigh not breaking eye contact with her. I get up taking her by the hand “come we need to talk” ordering her to follow. I lead her upstairs to a vacant room watching as she walks past me into the room as I close the door behind us. I turn towards you, your eyes are cast to the floor I approach you reaching out and taking hold of your face in my hand “What exactly was your goal tonight?” I ask , you remain silent, like you’re pushing some more to see how far you can push. My hand moves down your face until you can feel my hand around your neck and stroking your hair, your eyes gaze at me “ you don’t have one?” I ask “No Sir” she replies my face up close to hers as I whisper to her “I can think of at least 6 things you have done tonight that would reason otherwise” She knew what she was doing. I run my hand up into your hair before grabbing and pushing you down on to your knees saying nothing. I start to undo my belt watching as your breathing quickens, I thrust my cock into your waiting open mouth your rouge lips wrapping around it as I fuck you. “I’ve watched that beautiful mouth mock me all night” I thrust myself in deeper making you gag a little “you knew what you were doing the rouge, The champagne. The flirtatious little encounter. My cock growing in your mouth as fuck you harder and deeper. I pull my cock form your mouth. “I am not letting you off that easily” I help you to your feet watching you wipe the drool from your mouth, taking you hand I wonder over and sit on the bed with my finger and point and you assume the position over my knee. I lift your dress up “I see so little slut was plotting something after all?” I slap my hand down hard over you making sure you feel it. Now count” I order you placing another slap down onto you followed by another. “I said count!” you start counting up on 13 I push my hand down between your legs your wetness dripping on to my hand as I pish my fingers deep up inside my slut. You let out a moan I can see your face in the mirror tears running down your face. “you are so wet” I tell you pulling ,my fingers out and thrusting them into your mouth. I take my hand pushing you back down over my knee spanking and finger fucking you 3 more times you grown and push yourself onto my fingers. I withdraw them making you watch as I suck my fingers. I pull your dress back down. “go clean yourself up I am sure the are missing us downstairs.” I straighten myself up and look over at my hot mess. “your my beautiful mess, you knew what you were doing, you knew what would happen/ Before leaving the room I place 2 boxes down in front of you, I open the one box to reveal a neckless and a pair of matching earrings. I leave the other box closed. “you are to wear everything out of both boxes no ifs or buts.” I leave the room before you can answer.



A  Collaboration and credit to noturmasokitty

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