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First encounter

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We have agreed a date, the hotel is booked, we both have our directions and I have all my instructions. It's our first sexual encounter, it has been highly anticipated by both parties. There is an alluring excitement in the air as we arrive at the hotel reception, greeting each other with a cheeky glance, my face bright red but yours almost stern as your lips lose their curl reminding me exactly who is in charge. I’m sure the receptionist is smirking, it's almost as if she knows why we're here as if she can smell the filthy aroma of the dirty sex we're about to experience. You take the lead and book in whilst I shyly stand behind you, looking at the floor with my arms tucked behind my back as if by default. It's a habit now, one that the simple sound of your voice can command without actually uttering the words. The receptionist passes you the key and tells you the room number while wishing you an enjoyable stay, she ignores me. As if I'm not even present while she gazes at you, it’s apparent she's attracted to you but I'm not overly concerned because I seen the hunger in your eyes when you first saw me. I know it's only me that Sir wants to take today. 


You turn on your heels and head towards the bar area, I'm confused. I thought we were here for one thing and one thing only and I want it now. I can feel my inner brat begin to strop as I pout and drag my feet. You however have much more self restraint and you want the anticipation to be at the optimist level to ensure an explosive orgasm. After all, Sir's reputation is on the line and you fully intend on delivering. You order us a drink, ordering for me without even letting me make a suggestion. I'm going to have no say in anything today and you start as you mean to go on. We sit, at first in silence as you take in every inch of my body. I daren't speak as Sir has not given me permission to or asked me a direct question. You eventually break the silence with a compliment, you tell me I look good....almost good enough to eat here and now. I blush while quickly scanning the area to see if anyone is listening, you follow up your statement by thanking me for adhering to your dress code of black dress, high heels and my hair tumbling seductively down my back finishing just above my ass therefore creating a frame as if it's a piece of art. You’ve always been fond of my rounded bottom, caressing it’s fullness at every given opportunity, often finished with a squeeze or spank. You eventually will me to speak, I ask how you are, how your journey was and if you’re excited. The last one is the question I'm longing to hear a positive answer too. You answer, fine, good and fuck yes to my questions. I start to grin like the naughty school girl you've pictured in so many scenarios throughout the process that has brought us here today. You sternly tell me to stop grinning, go to the bathroom, remove my panties and return them to you at the table. You instruct me to be quick and discreet, I do as I'm told like I always do. Upon my return you are stood ready to ascend up to our room, I slip you my panties and you place them in your pocket. We head off in the direction of the lift, I'm clinging onto your hand while you lead the way. This hotel is quite busy and I can't help but wonder how many of the 'guests' are of a similar background to you and I. I'm pulled from my moment of curiosity by the “bing” sound of the lift arriving. We gather in the cramped space, inadvertently we have found ourselves at the back or was that part of your plan? It's a full load, much like you are at the minute meaning we have our backs pressed firmly up against the back wall. I suddenly feel your hand on the small of my back and it's making me feel very aware that I no longer have underwear on and the moisture is slowly building to a wetness that could start to cause me issues. You softly apply force to encourage me to step forward, in doing so I encroach on the space of the guy in front of me. I blush so hard my cheeks are raw and you smile because you think it's sexy how much I'm blushing and how vulnerable I’ve become. Now there's space you trace a finger over my dress outlining the shape of my ass, then you stop. I wonder why you stopped but then I realise you haven't and your finger is actually traveling up my dress to my moist, my very moist area. Without thinking or maybe after a split second of thinking but not caring I part my legs very slightly and arch my back into a curve allowing you space to work. You plunge your finger deep inside me but I can't react, no moaning, no groaning because I must remain composed. “BING”. It's our Floor.


We exit the lift onto the corridor of our room, you leading as I'm still disoriented from the lift experience leaving me unable to concentrate on the door numbers. You find the room and open the door gesturing for me to go in first. I hear the door click but then deadly silence, I turn expecting not to see you but you’re there. You grab my waist and turn me back so I'm not facing you, you pull me close and as you do  I can feel your growth on my back. Sir is as excited as I am. Using my hair you tilt my head revealing my neck which you start to kiss and nibble, working up to my ear lobes and down to my shoulders. You've decided you'll be gentle for the first hour or so. Baby steps as this is our first meet and you want to break me in your way but a way I'm comfortable with. You start to guide me towards the bed stopping just short of the edge where you turn me towards you and kiss my mouth hard and deep. Caressing my breasts as you do so, not soft, not hard but forceful. You lower your lips to my cleavage where you start to kiss and lick then take a moment to nozzle your nose in the deepest cavity of my bust. After doing so, you slowly trace your nose down my torso stopping momentarily right there, you can smell my hunger to have you inside me. You ignore my scent for now and continue down placing a hand either side, you scrunch the material of my dress in your fists as you begin to slowly pull it up and over my now naked bottom half. As you reach my bra you stop to take in the sight of the black lace and pink ribbon design you would've known what to expect if you had took the time to look at the matching panties before shoving them in your pocket earlier.  The mixture of lace and ribbon produces a sultry yet feminine look.  You continue on, the dress comes up and over my head as it does you stand back to take in the sight before you, you instruct me to remove my bra. As you stand looking I coyly look away and begin to blush, you can tell I'm embarrassed and feeling vulnerable so you tilt my chin and initiate eye contact, you tell me I'm beautiful and not to be embarrassed. Sir wants you. 


Now I'm naked and ready to be taken, I’ve yearned for this day and so far have not been disappointed. You tell me to lie on the bed and you begin to bind my arms above my head with soft silk rope. Once you ensure that I'm comfortable you fix a blindfold in place and suddenly I'm down to four senses but four incredibly heightened senses. My skin begins to develop goose bumps and I shudder at your touch. You leave the bed and I begin to feel nervous. What could you be doing? Thirty seconds feels like a lifetime. You’re back. Snap. Snap. What the fuck is that, the sound and the feeling around my ankles is new to me but you’re accustom to the use of a spacer bar. Now I'm poised and ready for you, I'm helpless and you have full control. Wasting no time you begin to go down on me, filling me with your tongue and flicking my clit periodically. While doing so you are vigorously massaging with a finger, then two…stretching me wide enough to place three in. Plunging deep you are enjoying the sounds of my groans but you’re not letting me cum just yet. As I begin to shutter you stop. You’re gone again. Flip. You've used the bar to flip me over in one swoop, I can hear you removing your belt, then unzipping your trousers. I know what's coming but I don't know if I'm ready, I bury my face deep in the pillow while letting out a deep sigh to relax my tensed up body. I feel you come down on top of me, your chest horizontal with my back. This is the first time I'm feeling the whole force of your body weight, you move my hair to the side and whisper in my ear 'I'm going to ruin you, your mine you filthy slut'. Leaning back up on your knees you grab hold of my waist and pull my ass into your groin, you plough deep inside me. Its hard and fast, unfortunately it'll be quick but it's been anticipated for so long that it's only to be expected. With one last thrust you cum inside me as I simultaneously quiver and cum with you. We both slump on the bed. Knackered. You kiss my forehead and whisper 'you've five minutes until we go again'

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