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A Lust Filled First Encounter


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We had been chatting online for some time. Today was the day our energy would meet in person. I arrived early at the location we choose to meet. The hotel is set on the beach. We booked a room on the top floor overlooking the ocean. I checked in and made my way to the room. The room was modern, spacious, clean with white tones to it. King size bed sat in the middle on the far wall. The balcony over looking the water was to the right of the bed and had two lounge chairs with a little table. As I stand on the balcony, wearing a pair of dark jeans ***ts, brown shoes, and a white long sleeve button down in anticipation, I hear a knock on the door. A warm and nervous feeling energized my body as I walked to the door. I grab the handle, take a deep breath, and turn it.

I pull the door open to see the woman I had only seen in pictures. Our eyes connect, "Hello Darling" I say with a huge smile. "Hello Gregory", you reply. Hearing you say my name in your voice for the first time send a surge of energy through my body. My eyes stay locked on your honey colored eyes, as my peripherals scanned the rest of your 5"7 and a half frame. You dressed in an outfit you knew would make me smile. There you stood, in a beautiful navy blue dress that was low cut, hemmed just above your knees and hugged your shape perfectly. I notice a little sheen on your legs and a pair of blue stilettos that matched your dress stylishly. I pull the door open fully, "Please, come in." You walk in and I watch you take a few steps in, fully checking you out as you strut for me. I notice your brown hair flowing down your shoulders as my eyes trace down to admire you and the lovely seam that traced down your exposed leg in the back. You look back at me over your shoulder and my eyes quickly look up to catch yours. "Do you like what you see?", you ask me with such a sinister smile. "Like is the understatement of the year", I reply. You turn slowly keeping our eyes locked.

You take a step in my direction, "It is finally nice to meet you in person Gregory", as you lean in for a proper greeting with a cheek kiss. "Nice to meet you too my Dear", I say as our heads retreat. I move my face in front of yours, I can feel your energy and slide my hand around your waist and pull you closer. Our eyes locked, "I have to", I whisper. I lean in for a kiss. Our lips meet, a prolonged closed mouth kiss, taking in your energy. Our lips part and I lean back a little to gaze into your eyes. Your cheeks a bit pink, you bite your lip and look down at mine. You lean in and this time the kiss is even more passionate. Our lips part and our tongues meet, tasting each other for the first time. The kiss we wrote about so many times was finally revealed. So passionate, so warm and beautiful. As our lips part, "Now that's a proper hello", I say with a smile. I motion over to the table outside, "Would you care for a glass?", I point to a bottle of champagne in the ice bucket next to two glasses. "I would!", you say excited as I guide you to the balcony.

The sliding doors are open and the cool breeze coming off the ocean blows your hair slightly as we make our way outside. I pour us each a glass and we hold them up for a toast. "To this moment", I say. "To our pleasure", you reply. We take a sip and stand by the railing with very big smiles on our faces. We enjoy our drinks and talk about how our day was and how much we were looking forward to this moment. A little flirting and a couple of drinks as time passes by. We notice some lightning over the ocean as a storm rolls in over the beach. The rain starts to fall and some wisps of rain start to hit our skin. We retreat off the balcony and watch the lightning from the safety of our room. The smell of rain, and the breeze is intoxicating. I move behind you as you face the ocean and wrap my arms around you, resting my head on next to yours. We sway a bit to the rhythm of the rain.

I slide your hair and kiss your neck. "I am so happy you are here with me", I whisper. Your hand slides on mine as I kiss your cheek. You slowly turn to face me. "Me too Gregory!", you say. We lean in at the same time, our lips meet. I turn my head as our lips part, our tongues meet and dance so beautifully together. The taste of champagne on our lips. Kissing passionately, slight moans escape us. We part, take a sip of our drinks. You take the final sip of yours, "Mind filling me up?" you ask. I smile devilishly and you know what I was thinking. "I will be right back", you say as you head to the bathroom.

I grab the bottle and pour the last of the bottle filling our glasses. Grabbing both to hand you yours I hear the bathroom door open. I turn to hand you your drink as you walk out. You appear from around the corner. You take a couple of steps out and I see the sexiest vision I have ever seen. You took off your dress and stood there in a sexy set of blue lace lingerie bra and panties, shiny silky blue garter to match and nude thigh high stockings that disappeared into your blue stilettos. The site of you completely arouses me and you peer down, "I can see you like what you see", you say with a smile. My eyes take you all in as I put the glasses down and walk towards you. You step towards me at the same time and we embrace and kiss. My hands slide down your back over your soft skin. Feeling you as I lower my hands over your beautiful ass exposed on either side of your lace thong. A breath exhales from you as I do. As we kiss, I guide you to the edge of the bed. I move my lips to your neck and whisper, "I want you so badly Baby". "You have me Gregory, I am all yours", you whisper back. I sit you on the edge of the bed and kiss down your neck. Lowering myself to my knees. I look up at you and run my hands over your lace covered breasts. Our eyes gazing into each other. My hands trace your bra, and down your belly. Over your hips my hands slide down to feel your silk covered legs. I lean in and kiss the top of your stockings where your skin meets. Your hands run through my hair as you let out a sexy moan. I kiss down your thigh, slightly parting your legs as I do. Kissing up your inner thigh, I look up at you. My lips reach your lace panties and I trace my tongue on your skin just above the top of them. You lean back and open your legs to me. I can feel the heat of your kitty radiating on my mouth. I kiss down the lace that sits over her. My tongue slides over her through your panties. A loud moan escapes you. My hand caress your silk covered legs up to your thong. I pull them to the side to expose her to me.

Having you so close to me has been a fantasy up until now and my mind is melting at the thought of what comes next. I look up at you, your hand puts pressure on my head as you push me down. I kiss around your mound, my lips meeting her after I circle around. I look up and slide my tongue down the middle, parting your lips and tasting you. You clit grows as I do. Your head falls back as you rest on your elbows on the bed. I reach up to your hips and slowly pull your panties down. Your legs raise as i get them to your knees, framing your kitty perfectly I lean in and put her entirely in my mouth. I lick from the top to the bottom with your legs in the air. You slide your one leg out of your panties and spread your legs wide open in the air, looking down at me as you do. I start slow and increase the pace of my tongue as I lick you. Your breathing increases, moans begin to get louder. I reach up to your nipples and circle them still wrapped in lace. I feel them raise as I do. Putting more pressure with my licks, I slide a hand down your belly to your thigh. My fingers trace your wetness as I lick around your clit. I slowly push in a finger and feel your body tense as you feel me enter you. I curl my finger up finding that spot inside. My rhythm increases. Circling your hard clit with my tongue, moving my fingers inside you. I feel your kitty contract and release to my movements. Your legs lower and your heels dig into the bed. "I am going to cum Greg!", you exclaim in a whisper. Those words have only been in type up until this point and the effect they have on me is almost overwhelming. I keep the pace as to not break the feeling. Your hips begin to move. I look up at you to see you watching me. "Don't Stop!", you say. Your eyes roll back as does your head. Your legs tense, I feel your squeeze around my fingers. I put pressure inside and suck on your clit. Your breathing halts and a loud moan escapes your breath. "Oh my god!", leaves your mouth followed by loud moans almost screams. "I am cumming for you Greg!" you moan. I feel you release the pressure on my fingers as your body convulses in a dripping orgasm. I hold still and let you move on my fingers and tongue as you cum for me for the first time. When you body calms down, I slowly pull my fingers from you and feel one last twitch as they exit. My fingers are covered in your elixir and I put them in my mouth to taste you.

You catch your breath half way and sit up looking at me with the eyes I have only imagined up until now. "Stand!", you say with a motion with your hands moving yourself to the edge of the bed. You reach for my belt and tug it off as quickly as you can, Your fingers trace my hardness through my pants as you look up at me. "My Turn", you say reaching for the button and slowly unzipping my pants. You drop them down and peer at my hard cock pushing through my white boxer briefs. A bit of precum seeps through and your tongue reaches out for it. I moan as I feel your warm tongue on me. Your hand sliding up and down my shaft. Your hand reaches up from my thigh under my boxers. Grabbing a hold of me as you look up at me with a smile. Reaching up to the waistband you pull my boxes down, revealing my rock hard cock. You lick your lips and kiss him on the tip, licking the precum off your lips you kiss down my shaft as you stroke me. Reaching around, grabbing my ass you pull me in and open your mouth as I moan. Taking in my hand I reach down to pull your hair off your face and hold it behind your head as you lower down on me. Taking me all the way in and back up slowly. Your rhythm move faster, your hand cups my balls. I moan louder. You reach up and circle my nipples with your fingers. I pull my shirt off. You take your time and make me feel so good. Feeling your warm tongue explore me.

You look up at me and I lean down to kiss you. We kiss passionately. I crawl on top of you, kicking off my pants, shoes and socks, as you move up the bed, not breaking the kiss. Your hand reaches down and slides my hard cock between your legs. You circle your clit with the head, our kisses growing in passion. I feel you slide my cock down and part your lips, I pull my head back to look into your eyes as you guide me into you. Moans exhale from our breaths as I slowly push into you. Feeling you wrap around me I focus on every inch as I go all the way in. Our eyes locked, "Fuck me Greg", you say so sexy. I pull back and push back in. Slow at first, then picking up the pace. We move so beautifully together. It has been such a long time coming to get to this moment. Our eyes say it all as we move faster. I reach under with my arm lifting your slightly from your lower back. Our rhythm is beautiful, our pace quickens. I feel you squeeze around me as I move inside you. I lean in to kiss you. Our tongues move to the rhythm of our bodies. I feel you hold your breath, our lips part. "I am going to cum again Greg", you whisper looking into my eyes. I kiss down your cheek, "Cum on me Baby" I whisper in your ear. Moving my eyes to yours as I watch them as your body quivers to orgasm on me. The site of you like that as you moan my name is too much for me to keep control. My cock starts to throb as I feel a warm rush of your cum. "Cum for me Gregory" you say looking into my eyes. You reach to my nipples again, a few more strokes and I let out a loud moan and exclaim your name, as I explode inside you making my knees weak. I hold for a second inside you as my cock throbs and empties. I kiss you in a passionate lust filled moment as I slowly pull out of you. Our lungs gasping for air as we revel in the moment that we ***ted in our minds. Your arms wrap around my neck as I lay on top of you, holding your as we catch our breath.

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Wow is all I can say that made me very horny what an exhilarating fantasy
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By far an amazing read! I was able to really imagine your words in a picture in my mind! Beautifully written
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