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Upperclass Female Partner wants dominated by

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For a long time my female partner likes to be in control of her life in the day time running her small couture fashion shop. She is very upperclass but with me has a secret fetish we both share. I write sex stories and she has me write them around her fetish. We have gotten involved in researching together this fetish which ends up bringing at times real thrills for us both.

She is mature early mid 40s love very girlie things but melts in the company of chubby butch dykes that come onto her and also travelling gypsy type people who live in caravans or homemade shack tents. In other words she likes rough Male and female types. I’m the one writing the stories and I initially find from looking around how to create the stories. So I may find real people who fit the profile that makes my partner go weak and try and maybe get dialogue with them. What we show these people is her dressed up usually in something expensive. But then she has me find a way of conveying to these people what turns her on with regards being humiliated. Like she had me make contact with two women who wanted my partner to watch them slowly ruin some of her couture stock right in front of her. They booked her for a private fashion show. She turned up at their rundown caravan, went inside and did this fashion show. But then they come onto her and start abusing what she is wearing and have her lick them out while dressed up in all her finery. Then afterwards I have to write her a story around what took place. So we thought that on here we might get some ideas from people who are into humiliating girlie type snob ladies like my partner who wears expensive clothes, as to what they would do to her if she ended up in their territory like an illegal travellers camp or rundown council estate etc. How would she be dominated.

I cannot WAIT to read everyone's fantasies about this!!

OK lets introduce ourselves.  Bsquad is the nickname for me and close friend (partner) Stephanie who have been together and written stories for a number of years. The stories came about because Stephanie shared some of her discreet fetishes.

I lived below the poverty line. Stephanie on the other hand didn’t. The stories that are willing to be shared are themselves centred around Stephanie. She is a mature woman, early 40s and a fashionista. Has her own private fashion couture business selling to very private clients who have her source designer cocktail dresses evening dresses, suits, expensive coats etc.

Me? I was her - project!  More about that later. 

But me being here project meant Stephanie got turned on by being caught up in situations due to my personal circumstances of mixing with people who don’t care about the likes of her. She is very upperclass and a snob. And talks about me, us, the lower classes as them!  She brought me into her life from - watching me and my friends. Stephanie was a people watcher. Parked up in the backstreets in rundown areas of the city where the cheap bars were. Where hookers, lesbians, dykes, druggies an and the homeless hung about. This was my home territory. 

Later Stephanie was to discreetly approach me and made me an offer. To - work - for her!! I thought she was joking. She was not, this sophisticated lady wearing very expensive clothes. But I found her first piece of fussing - don’t smoke around her.

I was referred to as a silly little man. That I could end up being careless and my ash could drop on her expensive coat or expensive dress. I was always reminded of how much she spends on things. I still couldn’t then work out why Stephanie would want to hire me. So I took up the offer because now I was curious. Because she did confess later in these like conversations like I was being interrogated that she saw me as a wimp. That when she saw me on the streets and scuffles broke out I simply stepped back and watched.  I told her. Look, you don’t mess with those around here. She reminded me of incidents she had discreetly watched. Scuffles over hooker turf, drugs, alcohol and just general violance between people who didn’t like each other.

Stephanie went to lots of lavish parties. My job had become fetch and carry, and messenger, plus general dogs body really. While Stephanie was always sophisticated and elegant from visits to her beautician. She moved around all aloof amongst some very snooty people who were all up themselves. Stephanie loved her champagne and every time I picked her up she was more than tiddly. This is when I learned about the real Stephanie. She thrived on her own fantasies. She even had a jewelled expensive dildo in her evening clutch bag. It was on those journeys home when she would tease. 

Did I like my job. Do I like how she is looking this evening? Have you ever had sex with a woman like me? A rich wealthy woman like me she added? Are your old friends jealous that I gave you a job. A purpose? I knew then she was getting off on having me around her. I was her project. Her fuel whereby she could ask me questions about the rundown areas where I had lived. She had me drive her late at night around these rundown council estates Much later I can reveal how I decided since Stephanie seems to want to see how the other half live. Let her experience it. I was quite happy to set her up with the help of my friends. I can tell the story of how I managed to get her into a flat where  8 people were waiting to - party - with the snooty fashionista. Because over time I learned this lady was actually kinky. 

During that night at this rundown flat, two dyke women came onto Stephanie. They liked what they saw a rich bitch all dressed up. So she’s fucking kinky then was what the gang said to me. So you won’t mind getting here here then when she’s all dressed up and  we shall fucking humiliate the bitch. So she says one minute she hates lowlife’s and degenerates. Then she hires you as her dogs body. She hates smokers yet you smoke. She hates people dabbling in a bit O weed and that, yet she still hires you. And keeps reminding you not to blow your smoke in her direction or on her. And to stand well away from her in case you burn holes in her satin suit!!

When she found out I read and wrote dirty stories on forums. Later I was to find her discreetly reading them and getting off on them - by herself. I wondered why there was no resident partner. She said men were complications darling and the others are just old perverts and most have odours just like. You do know you smell at times.

Blimey, I was learning a lot about Stephanie. But I still work for her and now I know much more about her. 

Does this give any of you here ideas or questions. Do you want to hear about Stephanie’s journey and what has happened to her. And in effect she has allowed herself to be controlled by not only by me being at her beck and call but my friends have some influence over her now. Who are those here that have a,ways wanted to see a lady they know being slowly taken from her high mighty life and taken down a. Boeg or two?  And she says she hates it. Yet when you get the drink in her ..... well


Morning,  Jefferey Smivvers at your service Ma’am - again what the fuck have I to do today I thought now being paid to be this upperclass aloof woman’s errand boy. 

Oh and look at you this morning. Immaculate as usual. Makeup perfect, check, hair perfect, check, red lips glossy and pouting, check, your large bow blouse, a shiny metallic grey one today to go with your exquisite satin pencil skirt. Oh and the seams of your 15 denier fully fashioned stockings absolutely straight up the rear of your shapely legs rising from those 5” designer stilettos. Oh and no doubt it’s the only silk nylons you have to get from Paris that is adorning your legs.  And your perfume is everywhere. What it is today?  Dior maybe or some other ridiculously more unpronounceable name that will come out of your posh plummy voiced mouth When speaking to one of your - HOITY TOITY - upperclass society clients. Yes those like you Stephanie who have more money than they know what to do with who buy from your exclusive range of ballgowns, cocktail dresses, suits, mother of the bride , and coats all with ridiculously expensive price tags. 

How predictable. Always on your phone speaking with your society ladies about last nights private fashion event. Sitting there at your desk with that I am perfect look and everyone loves me because I know my fashion.

But then there is this other side to you. The side you have stupidly shared with me and that I have to tell no one. These late night drives I have to do, taking you around all the seedy backstreets just so you can people watch the degenerates because you like - watching - how they survive in their world. Sitting their in the back of the car all dressed up and immaculate criticising the look of the down trodden.

oh gosh - Smivvers - jolly well look at those two chubby women over ther,e. Look at them in these grubby tacky looking sweat gear and dirty trainers. Do they really think THEY are going to attract anyone looking like that, and engulfed in that smelly tobacco cloud swirling around them. So what do you think now Jefferey, now that your working for me and not spending your days and nights here amongst them. 

Jefferey’s thoughts were - and so remind me Stephanie why you have me drive you around here at night so you can look at them and critic how they look, and dress and then asking me what do they get up too in those dreadful places where they live.

Come on Jefferey, tell me what it’s like. 

What for? So you can sit in the back of your posh car and be lost in your own private fantasies, reaching another orgasm from what I tell you? I know what you need Stephanie? Some real experiences. I think actually you want to visit and be amongst these people. I mean you go on about their crude rough language and these women with their smokers raspy voice, and that the men and women around here must have TERRIBLE hygiene. I mean Smivvers you yourself never seem to clean your teeth. I don’t know how many times I have told you. I hate bad breath and smelly odours.

Really Stephanie. Jefferey thinks. Yet you want me to drive you around this rundown area late at night asking me all sorts of questions. Why don’t I just arrange for you to get up close and personal with them. I am sure they could put you to work all dressed up in your fancy fashion clothes!

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