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for who is new is an MFM or FMF relationship better? (for the first they would be dom, sub, dom and for the second sub / switch, dom, sub)
This question is extremely subjective for many reasons…

I’m sure it could work either way very well for some people, however, if you’re talking about a relationship and not sessions, I wonder how many male Dom’s would be willing to share a female sub or how that dynamic would work long term.

The second sounds like a more typical poly dynamic to me, but I obviously don’t speak for everyone.

As for which is best, you’d have to ask yourself some questions:
1. Which role are you in the dynamic?
2. Do you understand your boundaries, limits and aftercare needs?
3. Are you sure the other 2 parties understand their roles and the responsibility that comes with them?
4. Do you all want the same thing?

There’s no reason it can’t work if all parties are on the same page, communicate well, care for and respect eachother both in & out of play.
Agree it's completely subjective and personal, and totally dependent on the individuals involved and how the dynamic is shaped and formed.
Personally as a bisexual male submissive both would work so long as everyone was on the same page and boundaries and limits were agreed and applied - but then so would MMm, FFm, FMm and any other combination you could think of but *only* if it were discussed and agreed by all beforehand.
It really is dependent on those involved, what they enjoy. I had a MMF in my late teens and hated every second of it and would never do it again, but ive had many MFF in my lifetime.
I guess try both and see what feels right for you/them x
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I have always thought if I got the chance for a MFF encounter it would be a dream, but since joining FET and realising my fantasies more, not to mention actually playing out some of them I’m fair game for either now… in fact as long as I don’t have control during the encounter I’ll be happy.
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Personally for me, I prefer FFF or MMF, this is my preference because I know myself and my role. This is a pretty subjective question though because you have multiple factors that play in, kinks, your lifestyle, role, sexuality, and gender. 

That’s an impossible question to answer definitively. Both have their pros and cons.
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