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She and her husband


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I was at the house of my parents' friends for lunch, knowing her but not her partner I felt a little shy and uncomfortable.

during the lunch we drank a few glasses of good red wine, 

while she continued to introduce me to her partner.I begin to notice strange attitudes, he continued to talk comfortably seated in the armchair, she wandered around the room showing in a natural way parts of her body private and still covered.I could glimpse his skinny legs from his short skirt up to heavenly panties that left little room for imagination. Her increasingly open blouse allowed her little breast to come out.She don't  stop here and continue to provoke me touching my arms with slow and sure gestures....

she was always closer to me.I could no longer hide my embarrassment and the excitement, I was sweating and he kept talking as if nothing was happening.there was nothing more to do, I turned to her asking "is this what you want" she answered immediately "yes, that's what I want"I grabbed his hair and I start to kissed her roughly, with one hand I squeezed it and with the other I put out my cock and pushed her head towards it.she literally started to fuck me with her mouth until my hard cock started to touch her throat,deeper and deeper, my trouser completely wet with her saliva.I couldn't   look at him, who by now had stopped talking ... I took her and turned on the knees, I lowered her pants until half-leg and always grabbed by the hair, I spanked her hard until I saw her white ass become red.she moaned more and more and her pussy dripped I began to penetrate her first slowly then then stronger and deeper with all my strength.Her husband blushed to see her partner used that way. But she begged me not to stop and fuck her like a slut until she squirted on the floor.


I was about to explode when I turned his face and jerking me over I cum twice over her.....

Bet you wished that was real..

hi dear

I believe in freedom so you are free to think as you want ...... but if your curiosity to know the truth you can reach me and together we could go to visit them.......she's super hot maybe u can learn something to new from her!!!😝


and anyway its still a story for everyone ..... I bet you feel a pleasure  reading it ..... or not?

  • 4 weeks later...

This story sounds like it belongs on Literotica. It is specific enough to help the reader draw a vivid picture of what's happening. I somewhat doubt it's truth though. 


Hi shiver

as I wrote before everyone is free to believe or not ...

then you must also understand that telling an episode in Italian or in English and completely different...specially for once don't have a nice English like me😔


Hi Rob...

I hope I didn't offend you. I'm not saying you're lying, at all. It's just that the story sounds a bit too far far fetched to be true to me.

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