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My First Time With Sir


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I shuffled nervously as I waited in the half empty pub carpark a couple of towns over from where I lived. After weeks of online communication the day was finally here when I was going to meet him in person and for safety reasons we’d agreed to meet in a public place, and where better than the pub?

Shortly after ten thirty, his silver Mercedes entered the carpark and pulled up next to me. He stepped out of the car and walked round to me, greeting me with a warm embrace, instantly calming my nerves.

“Shall we get a drink?” he asked.

“Sure.” I replied and turned in the direction of the pub. However I was quickly stopped by him firmly grabbing my arm. He pulled me close to him and put his lips to my ear.

“You know that is not how you respond to me,” he whispered sternly. I froze, knowing exactly what he meant.

“Yes Sir” I quickly replied.

He release my arm and took my hand in his. “Good girl,” he said as he started walking towards the entrance.

We took a seat in the corner of the pub, it wasn’t very busy as it was a Thursday morning but we still wanted our own space. He bought us two glasses of coke, and sat down opposite me. As we drank we spoke at length about our lives, it felt so natural and like a normal date, but we both new this was much more than a normal date.

“Have you done as I instructed?” He interrupted our relatively normal conversation.

My heart started racing at the secret I was hiding, that no one else around us knew. “Yes Sir,” I replied, in the correct way this time.

“Prove it. Go to the toilets and send me a photo.” His voice was firm and authoritative, I knew I had no option but to do as he said.

I grabbed my phone from my bag and quickly walked to the toilets. I went to the cubicle furthest from the door and made sure it was locked. I pulled my jeans down to my ankles, opened my phone’s camera and snapped a photo. After pulling my jeans up, I admired the photo. Freshly shaved pussy and plug in my ass, just as Sir had instructed. I felt like such a dirty slut being plugged in public, I was embarrassed by how much it turned me on. My pussy was already getting wet and Sir had demanded that I wear no pants so I was concerned that I would soak through my jeans. I quickly sent Sir the picture and returned to our table.

“Excellent slut.” My pussy tingled whenever he spoke to me like that.

“Thank you Sir,” I replied smiling.

“Let’s go we have a busy day ahead of us.”

The car ride to his house was fairly uneventful, his hand rested on my thigh occasionally slipping higher in an attempt to tease me, which was definitely working.

His house was incredibly normal from the outside, and for the most part also the inside. I set my bag to one side in the hallway, took off my shoes to be polite, and followed him into the living room.

“Remember your safeword?” He asked casually as he placed his jacket on the back of a chair.

“Yes Sir, it’s pineapple” I replied.

“Don’t be afraid to use it if you need to.” I was pretty new to all this and something that drew me to him was how caring and reassuring he was, which was exactly what I needed.

“Now slut, I want you to strip and be in position for when I return. You can leave your clothes on that chair.”

“Yes Sir.” I said as I started removing my clothes and folding them nicely, placing on the chair he’d indicated. He disappeared upstairs and returned a few minutes later with a bag, which I presumed had toys in as we’d discussed prior to our meeting.

I waited in position for him, on my knees, legs apart, palms face up on my knees.

“Perfect, you’ve been practicing for me haven’t you slut?” He asked with a smirk as he re-entered the room.

“Yes Sir.”

He placed the bag down on the coffee table and reached into it. He pulled out a black leather collar that had a pair of nipple clamps attached. My nipples instantly became hard at the thought of them being clamped, something he knew I loved. He walked over to me and told me to hold me hair up as he fastened the collar around my neck. He flicked and pulled on my nipples before placing the clamps tightly on them. He pulled lightly on the chain, checking they were firmly attached. He stepped back and looked at me.

“What a pathetic sight,” he laughed. “I bet you’re all wet aren’t you slut? You love having your fat nipples clamped don’t you?”

“Yes Sir, I am Sir.” I replied honestly, my pussy was soaking and all I wanted was him to fuck me, but I knew that wasn’t happening any time soon.

He stepped forward and crouched down, placing his hand on my pussy. “My word Slut, you are dripping. You better not ruin my carpet otherwise you’ll be cleaning it. With your tongue, naturally.” I could feel my cheeks turning red in embarrassment. “Stand up and go bend over the dining table.”

I did as he said, placing my hands above my head as my clamped nipples pressed against the wooden table. Without me seeing, he took a paddle, with the word “slut” engraved into it, out of the bag. He walked over to me.

“Do you remember the mistake you made earlier slut?”

“Yes Sir, I forgot my manners Sir.” I said, ashamed of making such a simple mistake.

“Correct. And as you are well aware, mistakes need to be punished. 20 spanks should be enough to help you to remember.” He lightly caressed my behind with the paddle. “Count.”

Suddenly, the leather paddle hit my left cheek, causing me to jump slightly. I quickly remembered to say “one” as instructed. He swiftly raised the paddle and spanked my right cheek. I continued counting each one, the *** slowly turning into pleasure.

After 10 hard spanks on each cheek, he placed the paddle down on the table next to me. I wasn’t sure what he was going to do next, but I knew better than to turn around and look. I heard him leave the room for a brief moment, before returning to stand behind me.

“A good slut always shows off her marks.” He said, using my phone he’d retrieved to take photos of my red ass. When he was satisfied with the photos he stepped round the table and placed the phone in front of my face so I could see myself. “My slut is nice and red, good girl.”

“Thank you Sir.” I replied.

“Stand up.” He said sternly. “Follow me.”

I did as he said, following him up the stairs to his bedroom. He had already set things up for us, a selection of dildos, plugs and vibrators were laid out on top of the dresser, a 4-way handcuff contraption was attached to the bed and a towel was laid on the bed.

“Lie down on your back, legs apart, arms out above your head.”

“Yes Sir.” I climbed on the bed and as soon as I parted my legs he grabbed my left ankle, fastening a cuff to it. He repeated with my other leg and both my arms so I was laid like a star, restrained to the bed.

He double checked that each cuff was on correctly and asked if it was comfortable. Comfortable wasn’t exactly the word I would use to describe my situation at that moment but I understood what he meant. He leaned over and planted an unexpected soft kiss on my lips. “You good?” He checked. I nodded in response. It was reassuring that he cared to check on me, he knew I had been nervous about this but so far he had been amazing, the right level of dominant and caring.

My thoughts were soon interrupted by the chains connected to my nipples being pulled, I winched at the ***.

He walked over to the dresser and picked up a dildo, wand vibrator and some lube. He placed them on the bed and took a step back, taking my phone out of his pocket. “Look at this *** slut, tied up for me to use however I want,” He said, snapping some photos. I could feel the red flush return to my cheeks, and the wetness continue to cover my pussy. He put the phone on the dresser and came and sat on the bed between my legs. “Such a pretty pussy, nice and wet for Sir. What do you want Slut?”

“I want you to use me Sir, I’m yours to use as you wish.” I replied.

“Good girl.” He said as his hand slipped towards my pussy. He slowly started rubbing my clit with his thumb as he slipped 2 fingers into my hole with ease. I let out a moan in pleasure. “You like it when Sir plays with your pussy?

“I love it Sir, thank you Sir.”

He continued to rub my clit and finger fuck my pussy and I could feel my orgasm building. “Can I cum Sir?” I asked desperately.

Suddenly he stopped and pulled his hand away. “You will cum when I tell you to cum. You do not deserve to cum yet Slut.”

“Yes Sir.” I said begrudgingly, he loved having control of my orgasms, telling my when I could and couldn’t cum. The previous day he’d made me edge myself 5 times before I went to bed so I was desperate to be allowed to cum today.

He picked up the dildo and glided it along my pussy, getting it nice and wet with my juices. He lined it up with my entrance and looked at me for confirmation I was ready. I nodded and he slowly inserted the big 7 inch dildo into my hole, it was so big I needed a few seconds to adjust which he accommodated. He started to slowly fuck my pussy with the dildo as my moans filled the room.

“Don’t you dare fucking cum Slut.” He said aggressively as he increased speed. I had to try incredibly hard in order to not cum, I didn’t know what the punishment would be if I came without permission, and I didn’t want to find out.

He briefly stopped fucking my pussy to reach over and take the wand. He turned it on and placed it gently on my clit.

“Oh my god.” I gasped at the feeling.

“You filthy fucking slut, you love being used don’t you? You love having your ass plugged, your pussy fucked and your clit teased.”

“Yes Sir, thank you Sir.” It was true, I was loving every second of this, I had never experienced something like this before but I knew this definitely wouldn’t be the last time. I could feel my orgasm building once again, “I’m close Sir.”

“Cum for me Slut.” I was surprised to hear that as his response, fully expecting him to deny me again. However it didn’t take long for the most intense orgasm to take over my body, my breathing was heavy and my legs shook as he continued to fuck my pussy with the dildo as I rode out the orgasm.

He removed the wand from my clit, and slowly pulled the dildo out of my pussy and placed them both back on the bed next to him. He stood up and walked round to the side of the bed. He pulled his shirt off and placed it on the chair, followed my his jeans. His bulge begging to be released from the confines of his cotton boxers. He could see me staring and said “open your mouth Slut.” I did as he said and waited for him to remove his boxers. His dick was standing to attention at a solid 7 and a half inches. He moved closer to my head and held his dick just out of reach of my mouth. I tried moving my head closer but I couldn’t move. “Desperate Slut,” he chuckled as he put his dick in my mouth. He placed his hands on the back of my head, lacing his fingers through my hair, and began to fuck my mouth. There was nothing I could do except accept my fate as his toy.

After a few minutes I could tell he was close to orgasm. He took his dick out of my mouth and began stroking it vigorously. “I’m gonna cum on those big titties.” He groaned as he shot his load, his warm cum coating my chest. When he finished he returned to my mouth, “clean it Slut.”

My tongue flicked across the tip of his cock, tasting the last of his cum. I took the head of his cock in my mouth ensuring I got all of his cum.

I thought we might have a break after that, as we had both cum, however I was much mistaken. He removed the cuffs from by wrists and ankles and instructed me to get on my hands and knees with my ass up at the edge of the bed, tits still covered in his drying cum. He stood behind me and began toying with the plug in my ass. “I think this ass needs a bit more attention, don’t you Slut?”

“Yes Sir, thank you Sir,” I replied. I’d never had someone fuck my ass before, I’d only ever used toys myself, which he knew about and he was excited to take my anal virginity. He grabbed the end of the plug and slowly pulled it out. It’d been in quite a while at this point so my ass was nicely stretched, ready for his dick. He grabbed the lube and dripped some on my asshole and used his finger to massage it in, inserting a finger into my hole, quickly followed by a second. He pumped his fingers in and out for a few moments.

“My little anal Slut.” He removed his fingers, put some lube on his cock and lined it up with my hole. It hurt a little as it went in, mainly because it was so big, bigger than any of my toys, so I was grateful when he added more lube.

As he fucked my ass he would sporadically slap my already sore cheeks, causing me to let out a small gasp, the *** of the spank only adding to the pleasure of having my ass filled. Unbeknownst to me, he had once again picked up the wand and without warning placed it on my clit. That was the final straw, I knew my orgasm was imminent. “Please can I cum Sir?” I begged desperately.

“Yes you can Slut.”

I didn’t need telling twice. A tidal wave escaped from my pussy and my arms and legs started to buckle. He continued to fuck my ass and I could feel his dick twitch, indicating he was close too. He pulled his dick out and shot his second load of the day all over my back.

After taking a few moments to recover, he grabbed a towel and cleaned my back. I stood up and excused myself so I could go to the toilet and clean up. When I returned to the bedroom he was lying on the bed, still naked with a semi erect cock. I climbed onto the bed and he opened his arms, inviting me to cuddle into him. We laid there for a little while, our heartbeats slowly returning to normal.

“How was that?” He asked.

“Really good,” I smiled.

“Good, I’m glad you enjoyed it, I did too definitely.” He placed a soft kiss on my head and pulled me closer, I could get used to this I thought.

Amazing story and written beautifully
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