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Vegas couple new to the scene Recommendations?

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ok - if you browse around the forums, there's lots of stories - lots of post and lots of advice.

All good and immediate starting points.

Beyond that, it's going to be easier with more specific questions and more specific background.   M/f ? F/m?  What do you like? What do you think you might like but need more info on how to do it? What don't you like?  


We are kinda in the same boat.  Totally new to this and looking for ideas and info. 

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HI AngeInDevilxxx I love your profile picture and your name!!! I haven't had much success in finding a mutual compatible real life Dom :( But I hope you find what your looking for. I think sharing stories is a great starting point and mentioning that comments are welcome so you can begin conversations :P kinda like you did here :D

Best to you :))

Im also in Las Vegas. This is what came up in my search for 'Vegas'.

Just thought I would say something rather then like... nothing...

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Checking in. Just recently signed up. I’m in Vegas, into bdsm/ABDL/having fun. 39/m -Joe

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