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Can someone explain what a pet is?


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I'm new to the bdsm world and I have been trying to figure out if a Dom or a caretaker, like daddy figure would be right for me?

Pet play is where a person identifies as a particular type of *** when they enter sub space.

Like a things this has various nuances to it two pets are the rarely the same.
The kittens I’ve had, one was super affectionate and loved scratches whilst the other was more of a tough alley cat that needed to be controlled and used regularly.

If you feel like you need someone who is going to be caring, stable and help guide you gently then a loving daddy would probably be better.
If you need to be punished to do the right thing then maybe look for a Daddy dom.

I know it’s very brief but I hope it helps you.
Good Luck
It can be many things, some people like to take on *** traits, some will still remain human.
*** type tend to have a certain *** in mind, the most common is puppy/kitten but it can be anything. It can be playful, teaching tricks, you can use toys like collar/lead, balls, bones ect, reward with treats, cages, bowls.
Human pet is similar but no *** traits, still use cages ect but they stay in human form, they can still receive petting affection but some dont, for some its for *** being treated as lower form.😊
There are many definitions of what a pet is. Mine is a submissive whom you like to play with. Both naughty kind of fun and non naughty fun. She is close to your heart and someone you protect and teach...

A pet is usually, but not always, someone who has petplay as a main part of their dynamic - it doesn't have to be just in subspace or just play

in some other cases, it might just be that the name that fits the most is 'pet'

Pet's 'normally' have an owner or handler 

Pets are usually submissives that give up all power and autonomy completely. Now this can also go into petplay where they act as ***s. However it does not have to be. Sounds like you are more looking for a Daddy Dom
You do NOT need a Dominant or submissive partner or role to be here. You can simply be a kinkster learning and exploring.
You'll know yourslef in time what you seek.. but people can be here without a D/s or role. xx

Also not to criticise, but your title here is to explain "what a pet is?" and your question in no way reflected this?

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