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give cummies


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Come over here, O you want cummies, I'm so proud of you the way you take off my pants with my cock in your mouth. Mmmm good girl
I pick you up in my arms and kiss you passionately, I like the taste of my cock in your mouth.
I lift you up on the bed, I reveal your pussy and it is so so wet for me. Mmmm so pleased, I grin naughty
I run my hands on the inside of your thighs. I hover my face over your pussy, my warm breath on your clit. You don't know what your Dom is going to do next, lick my pussy? make me squirt? fuck me hard and choke me? So many options I love giving myself over
Your words and eager face please me so well
For this I am going to edge you with my mouth for so so long....mmmm I make my tongue very wide and flat and it's first touch covers your entire pussy with warm moisture. I latch my arms around your legs indicating to lay back and enjoy, I will be spending some quality passionate freaky time with our bodies in this position.
Feel free to pull my long hair to tell me you like
I have so much pussy licking skill
I have a secret trick where I flick your clit against my teeth so magic.....mmmmm I explore your pussy like the inside of an ice cream cone.
I like to pull your lips back with my mouth and look up at you.
As I lick your pussy and look at your face I reach up and twist both nipples in my fingers
I play with your nipples and pinch them using the same pressure I apply on your little cute clitty.
I nibble on your clit, pinch your nipples
Mmmm you cummies are so close, slowing down and gently caressing your thighs, not yet, we are going to build up that explosion.
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