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Don’t Move

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Tonight’s session involves a simple command. Don’t move. We’ll see just how good you do. I lower my head to lick your yummy pussy. Slowly. Purposefully. Like a man on a mission.
You’re given the following commands.
Don’t gasp. Don’t move. Don’t cum.
Moan, and I stop
Mmmm. This is gonna be fun.

I’ve already put your knees in stirrups. My tongue laps slowly. Long up and down strokes coupled with a few tender flicks just to see if any part, anywhere moves.
My face, saturated. My nose, wet with your dew up to my eyebrows. Purposefully mushing in my face at times to your swollen pussy lips. I’ve yet to touch your clit. Still just teasing that it even exists.

I kiss and lick my way up your pussy and on purpose skip that swollen clit. I lick and kiss up your stomach. As I do you feel my hard cock brush against your inner thigh. I kiss your neck and see if you move or make any sound whatsoever. I move up slightly higher and press my pussy flavored face to your mouth. My cock, hard, lies just at the entrance to your throbbing pussy. I hold there while I give you instruction. “Lick it off my face.” Occasionally, as you taste yourself, my cock throbs, sliding the head of my bulbous cock to your clit. Mmm it’s the first time she’s been touched.

I reach for a long, powerful vibrator on the nightstand. I turn it on. I touch it gently against your neck as you suck the last of your juice off my face. Slowly, I begin moving that vibe lower. Down your neck. Towards your beasts. Barely touching one nip. I slide it down your belly. And instead of merely touching your quivering quim with it, I lower it to the very base of my hard cock. The vibe sends chills up my spine and you feel the head of my cock dance. It dances uncontrollably against your clit as the vibe controls the movement. I position the vibe there at the base and secure it in place by laying on top of it and you. I kiss your neck and whisper, “Move? I stop. Cum? I stop. Moan? I stop. Got it?”
“Just hold there. Relax. Ride it out. “

My cock dances wildly, violently at times bc of the vibe’s power. I reach my strong hand to your throat providing comfort. I steady you with it, my hand firm against your throat as I hover over you.
I see beads of perspiration begin to develop on your forehead. Fluids are gushing out of your pussy.
“Don’t move.”

You’re such a good girl. Desperately trying to tell me to fuck you with your eyes. But there’s a different hole I want to penetrate. I move you over towards the edge of the bed, your neck at the edge of the soaked mattress, your head hanging over. You’re on your back still. “Open.”
I hand your handcuffed hands the vibe and tell you to now work your own pussy for my satisfaction and viewing pleasure, while I skull fuck you. “You may move.”
I stand in front of you and bring my cock to your lips.

“Put on a show for me!” “Make her cum!”
I rest my cock against the side of your throat. I press the veiny shaft against your neck so you can feel just how deep inside you I’m gonna travel. I pull up and rest both my balls on your lips. “Suck them.” “Pull them w your mouth” and “cum for Daddy!”

More yummy precum oozes out my quivering cock hole. I pull my balls outta your mouth and squeeze drops of sticky sweet precum onto your lips. Use your tongue and lips to get that slippery juice all over my shaft.

Your hands are fervently working. Tho they’re cuffed, one hand is working the vibe in and out of your pussy, the other circling and slapping your swollen clit.
“Cum for Daddy!”
My cock breaks through your mouth - clearly into your throat. My balls against your nose and lips. I can feel my cock in my hand as I hold your throat down. Mmmm what a lovely feeling.

Faster now. Daddy’s cock, like a fucking machine ravages your tight oral hole. Your pussy squirts violently. Uncontrollably. Your fingers quake. You squirt like a fire hose. Each orgasm more intense than the last. You cannot stop.
My cock about to spew. Like a piston my cock quests towards your stomach. You tighten your inner throat against the head of my cock as it all starts spraying our. I’m cumming. Hard. It’s deep inside you, my hand on your throat. I can feel my cock throb and cum from outside your neck. Mmmm

I climb off and relax my grip, kissing your neck where I help just moments ago. I lay on top of you. cuddling. Caressing. My fingers run thru your hair. My cock, still hard, enters your pussy. I kiss your lips tasting us as my cock throbs deep deep inside you. You instinctively squeeze the last drops of cum out of me as you lick my nipples. Mmmm.
The mattress is ruined. I caress your sexy body and carry you to the shower. I warm the water, gently stand you in it, and sponge you with a soapy bath sponge. I hold you tightly as you are weakened from the onslaught of orgasms. I have a warmed towel ready to dry you off with. I pat you dry, and get you a chilled water as I kiss your neck.
“Aren’t you glad you didn’t move?”

Love this.

Lots of it but especially the last paragraph 🥰🥰
Loved all of this so so much, just wishing it was me in those shoes 😍
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