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don't know what to do anymore

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It's come to this point I just don't know what to do anymore at one time I had so much love for BDSM in the lifestyle over the last few weeks maybe months and slowly start to feel it's slowly disappearing I just don't know what to do anymore and if anyone see my other forum they would know why I just don't feel the passion anymore I mean I used to feel like when I thought about BDSM how great it was or still is in many ways but I just don't feel right anymore and it's very because there's so many rejections but also fakes seems to be more and more and more I really just don't know what to do so I feel like ranting just a little bit I mean one part of me wants to give up this lifestyle altogether but not a part is making me think do I keep going I am swaying more towards just Giving Up on this lifestyle because I don't ever think I've Found What I'm Looking For


Take a break, i do this quite a lot and it's got to the point now where i stopped looking quite some time ago now.

The internet is a great source of just about anything, mostly for free, and it takes little effort to find it. Not so when it comes to people. You will find fake and shallow people easily, they're in abundance and are more likely to seek you out also, it's easy to let them put you off.

I take things really slow myself, if anything moves too fast i know it will end just as quickly. But i definitely stopped caring about finding anything and that helped a lot, i think it's useful for a lot of things in life to have expectations but not count on them.

Hope you're feeling ok.


reet. not wanting to sound harsh (no tone on the Internet, etc) 


you've been 'involved' in the lifestyle for 5, maybe 10, minutes.  

You're not involved, you came onto a website, expected kink to drop into your hands and are now stropping and blaming others when this doesn't happen.

There are a lot of great resources online, such as this website, but the lifestyle (clue is in the word 'lifestyle') is much more than this and the online world is just another facet.

There are "real" people in your city, at your munches, at your events.  Build knowledge from online and go to meets.  Just, like online, don't expect immediate results.

But, the more people you meet, the more knowledge you gain - the more chance you have of stuff happening.  The more chance you have at being able to come across better online and avoiding rejections.

In short, kink isn't a quick win - it's a lifestyle.


As the others say, take your time. All good things come when the time is right. Sometimes, we also need to show to ourselves why this is important.


It is a vast and wide World out there

I know exactly what you mean. There are genuine people on here just got to find them. Just keep looking and you will find someone
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