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vanilla time is over I think in my head, my little babygirl got edged almost to orgasm but
I lift you up with my mouth still hoovering over your pussy, I climb up on our Saatva bed and put your legs up high in the air with your feet in my face. I fucking pound you, my cock is rock hard from tasting your sweet pussy, I shove my cock into your gaping wet fuck hole. your eyes roll back into your head, I am fucking pounding you, my hand goes around your throat, this is my favorite part, I know how much you like it, I know baby girl, I am fucking pounding you..I can't tell if we are breathing, we slipped away to a magic place for a moment. We were one creation. I awake from my bliss, I'm fucking pounding you, and see you have your silly face on, I love all your fuck faces baby girl, they make my cock thicker. I can't take that face and this pounding, I edge myself and position myself beside you, it's squirt time baby girl, your pussy is beautiful, I love looking at my destruction, your body still convulsing you actually look scared, I put my fingers inside and find that nice spot just at the end of my fingers, I start slapping my hand inside of you and slapping your pussy at the same time, you are my limp plaything now, my willing sex doll, I encourage you it's okay baby push, you do and it's magnificent, your squirts have gotten so good, I'm so proud of my baby girl....
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