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A little erotica about my last play date.


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I know her well.... let's just start off by saying that her body and her hedonistic appetites are no mystery to me and she holds no secrets from me

I picked her up that evening and brought her back to my place, I let her settle on the couch and mixed her up her favorite...a cosmopolitan, she likes my cosmos, because I flame the oils of the orange zest over the drink properly like they did back in Tribeca. Something to be said about tradition and the craft.

After her letting her get settled into the warm leather of my couch, and get engrossed in whatever movie I had picked for the evening, I gave her the customary German chocolates that I believe she enjoys almost more than the carnal pleasures I savagely pull from her quivering body. I sat at her side slowly drawing on the clove cigarette that I had lit...the sweet smoke filling my lungs and the air...it was a heady mix coupled with her perfume. I was like a caged wild animal wanting to pounce on her watching her luscious lips as she nibbled the chocolate and sipped the cocktail...my imagination was trying to get the better of me and was urging me to act, I noticed the lipstick on the rim of the cocktail glass was conjuring up images of the last time that we played and where she had left her lipstick then, she wears that blood red shade that she knows makes me insane with desire ..that mix of almost blood red and burgundy.
But I would be patient, the moment had to be right.

After she had drunk down about half of the Cosmo and nibbled about a quarter of the chocolate I observed her for a little while longer...I wanted the element of surprise, I made sure that she was well engrossed in the movie, she didn't notice when I stood, I waited for a moment to see if she would react, but she did not... perfect. I pounced on her I picked her up before she knew what had happened and she let out a surprised yelp which only increased my desire to enact my devious plan for the night even further.

I carried her to my bedroom and roughly threw her down face first on my California King bed she was still reeling when I crawled up her body and half whispered and half growled in her ear.....why do I hurt you? She whimpered...I...I don't know...I said I think you do...I wrapped my hand around the front of her throat..... growling again in her ear this time I jammed my by now raging erection still in my pants and her still clothed in the delicious cleft of her ass, why do I hurt you? She still couldn't answer but the whimpers we're turning into moans....I hurt you because it makes my cock hard....she grinded against me as I let my hot breath spill out on her neck...I composed myself and stood up...In a matter of fact tone of voice I said if you move one muscle.... you'll wish you hadn't. In a commanding tone I instructed her to put her palms flat on the bed, she did so without protest.
I busied myself with undressing her allowing my by now absolutely out of control erection to graze the various parts of her body as I did so. Once I had removed all but the beautiful thong she was wearing which framed the perfect alabaster white of her ass in a most erotic way I removed my belt....I lovingly at first caressed her ass, thighs and feet with it, watching the gooseflesh rise on her beautiful alabaster skin. I doubled the belt in half and snapped it behind her head eliciting a sharp crack as the leather snapped against itself...she let out a gasp but did not move, good girl.

Checking one last time that she remembered her safe word...I pushed the button on the remote and my playlist began, the first song... Cold light by Yeah Yeah Yeahs began....I laid the first striped from the belt lightly across her exposed unprotected flesh... allowing the skin to warm before I administered a little more savagery...she yelped moaned and gasped as the welts began to rise in a crisscross pattern....I watched as she entered subspace and her body relaxed and she began rhythmically grinding her self against my sheets. I administered the vicsous lashing until her lower body was a mess of red welts.... I couldn't control it anymore the contrast of red welts and alabaster skin had pushed me beyond any more self-restraint. I dropped my belt and my pants and dove on her. I wrapped my arm around her waist pulling her ass into the air. I yanked her panties to the side roughly and dove in her cute pink little asshole with my tongue and slipped two fingers into her absolutely dripping pussy, I quickly found her g-spot and coaxed an absolutely earthmoving orgasm from her shaking body.

At this point I had to be inside her...I yanked her into the kneeling position and instructed her to open and stick out her tongue, as always she was completely compliant....I fed her my absolutely engorged cock and fucked her face like a man possessed, her gagging and choking urging me to further depravity.
I pushed her back on the bed after stopping myself from climaxing several times. I roughly pushed her legs apart and thrust myself all the way to the hilt inside her absolutely drenched tight little cunt...she gasped and then her hips found the rhythm and rose to meet me with each stroke. I brought her to another climax in this manner...I felt her trying to set the pace, she wanted my cum...and she was not shy about asking for it with her body, but I was not done....I had to defile her further, I flipped her onto her stomach and once again I dove into her ass..her most private of privates..this time however I drenched her liberally with coconut oil and slowly slid my finger into her, allowing her body to adjust, slowly working it in and out...and then another,I retrieved the magic wand from my nightstand and held it against her clit, I then moved her hand to the handle of it and had her hold it in place as a slowly forced my cock and stretched her little ass around it...I lasted perhaps three minutes before I absolutely flooded her with my hot seed I almost blacked out from the intensity.

I scooped her body close to me and put her head under my chin and told her how wonderful that was and how proud I was of her for taking all of that punishment, we talked about the parts that were het favorite as I caressed her face and ran my fingers through her pretty hair.

After we had talked and cuddled for a while I carried her to my bathroom..I drew a nice warm bath and gently lowered her into it...I carefully washed her body where the welts were and washed her hair and gave her a nice long scalp massage.

We dressed and finished the movie...I drove her home, walked her to her front door and kissed her goodnight.
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