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Gay 4 Straight


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Always found it curious how many gay sub men are after straight Masters

Get offers to be sucked off repeatedly

I have used men as slaves non sexual previously

What makes straight men so desirable to sub gay men ?

It's always the allure of what you can't have

Do you really think its the allure of the unattainable or they prefer someone more manly perhaps ?

I have lots of straight mates who are happy to be sucked off by gay men  but I never been into that aspect


to a degree

it feels strange you've been curious but never asked any of the guys you've played with.

But in others.

Unattainability is a big factor in male submission - and a lot of that is to do with some toxic views on sex.

In F/m the "Unattainable Goddess" is often a big thing - and it's often hence why there are single guys looking for cuckold relationships (so you want to find a girlfriend who isn't sexually attracted to you - but isn't asexual as she is sexually attracted to others?!) 

So yep, in M/m for some male subs the fact they can never have the Dominant is an allure.  But for some others... they don't actually want sex so can now have kink play with someone who isn't going to push themselves on him sexually.

Straight guys wanting sucked off comes into a mixture of that they're bi-curious but this is easier for them if they think they're being "made" to do something or because of some kinda, again, toxic views on submission 


Great reply and thx for the insight

I have owned male gay slaves but sadly was never even remotely into being sexual with them. For me the allure was having a willing servant to do chores and act as butler assistant. In return I punished and humiliated for their service. I am unable evern to get a limp erection with men involved. My loss as I could have had much more fun if bi.

Given my lack of sexual interest in gay men I had to resort to others to give them sexual satisfaction. Luckily plenty of straight acting men are into that. Maybe they are bi curious or not hard to tell.

This is only my experience. I have talked to some gay men about dating straight men. All of them said "some will do it". It was common, a good amount of "so called" straight men having secret relationships with gay men. The point... they ask, because some will say "yes".

I’m really interested in this. I’m new to all of this. I’m interested in getting fucked. I don’t know how to approach us in any other way. I want to be tied up and fucked mercilessly

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I have a similar question about whether gay/bi guys are more turned on watching a straight guy or if it is mostly not a consideration.

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For me I think I like the fantasy of old school thinking when it comes to the gay/straight dynamic. I’m in my 50s and when I came out it was still thought by most straight guys that gay guys were inferior. Plus there was still shame attached to coming out for a lot of people. I’m glad the world is changed now but as it did gay sex lost that air of being taboo and the adrenaline rush of that. I was never into straight/gay *** play when I was younger but as gay has gone mainstream I’ve become really into it. I think it’s because it’s one of the few things that still gives me that adrenaline rush I’d get from blowing some guy in the bushes in Balboa Park in my 20s. The only other thing I’ve found that really gets me going now is wearing a hood and blowing guys completely anonymously.
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To be honest I am straight and came here because I am trying to figure out how to sell foot fetish content to gay men along with straight females with male foot fetish. And I have a confession. I was always interested in what it would feel like to give a footjob to a gay guy. Getting cum splashed on my soles. Idk does that make me bi-curious?
The masculinity from a straight man is what makes them desirable.
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For me is the fact I love adore them, I will never be as manly as they are, and the fact we will never have sex, is só humiliated.

I love to clean their houses, wash the clothes and being their pathetic flag friend, a thing they can call tô humiliated or do the daily cores

I'm the other way around tbh. So, im a straight sub, but would love a gay master. But not so much for the sex aspect of it, just to be punished and dominated by him.

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