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Incorrect titles in profile descriptions.

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This is happening so often these days. I read a profile, the lady outlines things she would like to explore. 
A bit lower down a heading....
...and lo and behold, all the things she's been enthusing about are listed.
Lower still an entry....
X has entered their Desires and Fantasies.
Yet somehow stuff they really want to try are headlined "Limits", stuff they want to avoid at all costs.
Very rarely it goes the other way too...
Desires and Fantasies
Anything illegal, scat, *** etc

That's either a newbs profile or someone that's been jaded so much that they change one thing without editing the other

No, it really isn't. The 'log' clearly states that they have entered their "Desires and Fantasies" and the text is there in plain sight. For it to then appear under Limits is incorrect. There is no mention, anywhere, of them updating their Limits. I've never seen that anywhere. xxxx

IMO it's an error in profile setup. The questions about fantasies and once you submit it shows on your profile as limits. If people don't put in the effort to read their own profile after they create or update it, it's bound to continue.

You are correct, it's up to you to ensure your own work is perfect, why you are allowed to change your name, just in case you were face down in a crate of whisky when you signed up and couldn't spell Ian/Sue etc properly.
However, when you do everything by the book and the App decides to 'corrupt' your mangum opus, why deflect the blame from the malefactor to the victim? It's the App that is at fault and needs to be fixed.


I have my own proof no less......

VKD has updated the limits

 one month ago

Death... not yet
Glory... too vain
Taxes... would prefer fewer
That.... I won't do it

So here we are. I updated my limits and they then appeared...under my Limits.
Others updated their Desires and Fantasies and they appeared under their Limits.
I have since seen cases of the Desires and Fantasies being logged as changed and they are definitely Limits and appear under that headline, Limits.
I rest my case. Definite bug. Hoist by the App's own petard, not user casualness.


at first I wasn't entirely sure what you meant and I thought you were just talking about users writing seemingly contradictory things on their profile

but, I now see what you mean that it looks like the questions and answers aren't matching 

if you or anyone else encounters this problem please log it with support below 

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