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Eighth Notes in Adagio (fiction)


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It had been a particularly warm day. We had been marching, practicing in small groups according to our parts. The woodwinds were practicing at the far end of the camp near the old amphitheater. I had worn a tank top under my Instructor’s t-shirt, so I tied my shirt around my waist. It was quite a hike back to the cabins. I wasn't looking forward to it, so I lingered in the shade, fiddling with my mouthpiece. "You were great today," she said, startling me.
"I thought you were already gone," I said shyly. She smiled at me, looking at my hands, still rolling my mouthpiece between my palms.
"No, I have to put the music stands in the storage shed in back. Wanna help me out?"
"Sure," I replied. I popped the mouthpiece of my sax in my mouth and grabbed a few stands. I looked up when I noticed her looking at me with a quizical smile. "Waa..what?" I asked after spitting out the rather cumbersome piece of plastic.
"No- nothing," she grinned as she flipped my braid over my shoulder. "C'mon. Let's get these back here into storage."
I followed behind her, my mouthpiece now in my shorts pocket. I hadn't really noticed before, but Kera was definitely the cutest counselor at band camp. She was kind, encouraging, and never let us instructors slack during drills.
As we reached the storage building, she stopped and opened the door for me, tucking a huge stack of stands under her free arm. "After you," she smiled.
I tried to squeeze past her, but the stands I was carrying tangled up with hers, and I stumbled. She reached out to catch me, her arm across my chest. We stood frozen for a few seconds. Her hand had cupped my breast, and she wasn't letting go. In fact, she pressed her fingers against the side of my breast and squeezed so slightly that I wasn't even sure it had happened.
"Crap. I'm sorry. You okay?" Her face looked stern, as if I had tripped on purpose. She backed away, leaving me more room to maneuver.
"Sorry," I whimpered.
"You don't apologize to me. Is this your first year as an instructor?”
"Yeah, I really like it so far," I smiled, happy to have the embarrassing moment behind me. I walked to the back of the shed and carefully leaned the stands against the wall.
When I turned around she was standing right in front of me. "You been practicing your embouchure?" Her face was in shadow, but I saw the glint from her straight white teeth.
"Yeah, of course," I said, a little miffed.
"Show me," she smiled. I shrugged and reached into my pocket.
"No...hold on. I have a better idea. I need to feel the pressure and shape." She put one hand on my shoulder. Her other hand she brought to my lips. I pulled back. "Open," sbe said, her voice questioning, not demanding.
I opened my mouth tentatively. She placed two long, warm fingers on my tongue. "Show me," she whispered, her voice low and raspy.
I felt a warmth growing in my chest. I couldn't catch my breath. Her breath was sweet and warm on my face, her fingers salty and metallic from carrying the music stands. My legs felt wobbly, and I was getting excited but scared. "It's okay. Just show me what you have learned," she purred.
I closed my eyes then closed my lips around her fingers, tucking my teeth under my lips top and bottom. I had always used a double even though I was supposed to place my teeth on the top of the mouthpiece.
"Open your eyes," she whispered. "Please?" I complied but couldn't look at her. "Suck...good. Very good."
Her skin tasted so good. Hier dark brown eyes seemed to glow at me, like a cat in the darkness. She began to tap a beat on my shoulder with two fingers, slow... Adagio. "Do a measure of eighth notes for me in 4/4."
I flicked my tongue hard against the bottom of her fingers just as I would my reed. "Nice. Try some six***ths for me? Wow. Excellent tonguing." Her voice was husky and deep. Her hand stopped its rhythm on my shoulder and moved across my throat. I gasped!
I stopped the six***ths and began to lightly suck on her fingers, my tongue pressing rather than flicking. She moved closer to me, her warm body inches away. Her hand moved to my breast and lightly squeezed. I stopped, unsure what to do. "Don't stop," she implored.
I took her fingers deeper into my mouth. She looked at my face; I couldn't make eye contact. I knew my cheeks would be pink and flush. She slid hier wet fingers from my mouth, tracing my lips. "So lovely," she murmured. "Are you okay? I don't really know why I did that...I," but she couldn't finish her thought.
Sge cradled my face in her hand, and I rubbed my hot cheek against her palm. Hier other hand slid slowly around my waist, and I sucked air through my shaking lips. "I...I..um, think I should go," I whispered.
"No...not yet. Please?" Her eyes were fierce; her grip tightened around my waist. She pressed hard against the small of my back sending shivers up.my spine. Her other hand gently moved down to my collar bone then up around my throat. She held me there, just looking at me. It made me blush even more, my abdomen ached.
She moved closer and gingerly pressed her lips to mine. She kissed me so lightly at first. Then she pressed harder as my lips began to move against hers. She pulled away. "Do you still want to leave?"
I only shook my head slightly. Sge pulled me back into her kiss, mashing the full length of her body against me. She rubbed back and forth against my abdomen. I wanted to move, but one hand was tight around me, her other on my throat, and her tongue flicking against mine.
Sge started moving backward and pulling me along with her. Then, sbe backed me into a large crate. One hand on my throat, she slowly unzipped my shorts and pulled them down, along with my panties.
Without a word she lifted me onto the crate. She put her hands on my hips and squeezed them. It didn't hurt; it felt warm almost burning. She slowly moved her hand between my legs and rubbed. She moved her head between my legs and kissed and licked until I thought I would topple over backwards. She slowly edged her fingers closer until they were twisting, dancing with his tongue and lips. "I...I...think I should go now," I lied.
I felt I would never breath normally again. Her soft lips brushed my cheek, and her hands gave one last squeeze of my breasts. She lifted me off the crate and pulled my panties and shorts up. "Kiss me just once more before you go?" Her eyes were soft and pleading.
I took her face in my hands and gave her eighth notes in Adagio. Her mouth was sweet and musky. When I pulled away, she stared into space as if she couldn't see. I removed her arms from me and backed away and turned. "I gotta go," I said behind me, as I ran out of the shed and into the dark warm night.
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