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Instant Voice Control


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Dating app:

Someone messaged me the other day replying to something I had said about their profile (completely first message they sent) as a 30 second voice message.

This voice message was so captivating, I was instantly charmed as her voice sent waves of endless furious pulses through my entire mind, body & spirit, sending me down into a deep submissive state, I had to really shake out of it before I played it again and actually heard what she said.

The conversation has gone on and I’ve kind of gotten over the voice effect with my brain because I don’t feel like it’s going to be for me anyway 😅😂🤣 I’ll have to find out if she actually is dominating or not but she lives so far away I’ve got reality back on my side but I definitely completely lost it for a moment and even now I could listen to a bunch of the voice messages like a charm to go to sleep peacefully.

Is this done on purpose? How can someone try and learn this skill? Something to do with the frequency of speech/sound?

Thank you!!
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