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“I’ve been expecting you my beautiful” He said as He answered the door. “Thank you for being prompt.”

“As if you would allow me to be any other way, Sir. “

“Well, I appreciate it all the same. Although it could be fun to punish you if you were to become tardy.” The slight hitch in her breath, unnoticeable to most, was enough to tell Him that she would enjoy punishment. But not today, today was all about pleasure. 


“Please, come in and allow me to take your jacket.”

She was always beautiful to Him irrespective of her attire and today was no exception. Wearing jeans, boots and a white t-shirt she was dressed simply but He knew she would be naked underneath, she always was for Him as per His diktat. It pleased Him to know that His cunt would be wet and slightly tender from the abrasive fabric of the tight denim that covered it. She looked nervously towards the ground as He looked her over. 




“You are a very beautiful woman and you are mine. Do you think I don’t know beauty when I see it? Do you not trust my judgement? You will not be embarrassed when I look at you. I love you and I love your body and it is mine to look at, touch and play with as I see fit. Do you understand?”

She nodded her assent quickly adding a polite “Yes Sir” as she noticed His raised eyebrow. 


He showed her to a quaint looking room and told her to make herself comfortable. She curled gracefully onto the sofa and He smiled at how relaxed she had become in His company. 

“May I get you a drink?”

She nodded and He disappeared returning with a tea tray and settling it down, began to prepare cups for each of them. 


They chatted whilst they drank and she noticed that His skin was always in contact with her one way or another. It was one of the many things she loved about being in His company. 


Once they were finished He cleared the used cups. 


“Please stand and close your eyes” He said upon returning to the room. 


She knew better than to question Him and did as she was asked. 


“I know you trust me and I know you have a safe word, you will use it if you need to!”


“Yes Sir” she said despite knowing it was a demand as opposed to a question. 


“Good girl” He said before He leaned in and kissed her. Softly at first, licking along her bottom lip before gently nipping it with His teeth then plunging His tongue into her mouth as she opened it to moan. 


He pulled away and she was left slightly breathless with the ferocity and need of His kiss. 


“I do not want today to be about punishment little one. You will keep your eyes shut until I tell you otherwise or you will not enjoy the consequences. Do you understand?”


“Yes Boss. Look they’re still closed” she said teasingly. 


“Brat” He laughed as He lightly pulled her hair and swatted her ass. “Take my hand and follow me.”


His hand curled warmly around hers making her sigh and she followed as He led her to anywhere He chose. She knew in her heart she would follow this man anywhere He asked but telling Him that filled her with a fear greater than any punishment He could think of. 


They walked about 50 paces before He stopped. “I’m going to undress you little one and then I want you to stand here and raise your arms above your head, feet apart.” It was an instruction requiring no response. 


He pulled her t-shirt over her head carefully folding it and placing it down before running his fingertips across her back around to her stomach and up to her breasts. A quick pinch of first one nipple and then the other made her jump slightly before He felt her body relax into the pain, but he knew she needed more than that. 


His hands moved down to her jeans unbuttoning them and pulling them off her hips, kneeling as He worked them down her legs. He inhaled deeply smelling the heady scent of His cunt, wet with arousal. Her response to Him only furthered His need for this woman. She was right for Him in a way He never knew existed and He would make her believe her worth somehow, some day. 


He unzipped and pulled off her boots, gently lifting one foot then the other following with her jeans until she was standing completely naked in front of Him. 


She felt the collar around her neck and instinctively bowed her head so that He could fasten it. As soon as it was fastened she felt at peace, this was where she belonged. This was her anchor and what she needed to thrive. “Mine” He whispered in her ear. “With or without it you’re Mine and we both know it.”


She raised her hands and changed her stance so her feet were apart, her eyes remaining closed. She trusted that He would tell her any corrections He required to her posture…

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