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How far would you like to live your D/s lifestyle?


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How far would you like your Dom to control you ?
How far would you like to control your sub ?
Which level would you like to reach serving your Dom?
Which level would you like to reach as a Dom ?
Which level would be to high or difficult to you
How far do you want to explore this lifestyle ?
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Monday at 07:07 AM, east-setauket849 said:
Till blood

Ahah! Interesting
I guess you’re having good time with you partner


I would like to have a loving and committed relationship with my future wife where we have kids and I take care of them. And lots of BDSM play between only me and her in private. 

Ideally she would wear a collar 24/7 but it doesn't have to be obvious, I wouldn't expect 24/7 submission but I would expect her acknowledging my ownership of her if that makes sense. I don't really like hard  S&M or causing substantial bruising/marks, I would be OK exploring playful sadism with electric play a little further since it doesn't leave any damage but I'm not into seeing women cry. 

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