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What am I


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I like to dress up and get pegged, be the girl. Not really into anything else I see here, just anal stuff in general.
It’s hard to define myself, I’m too stubborn to be sub, but can be in charge but not really into dom

No it’s not a riddle
You are... you...

But from your first line others would call themselves sissy/transvestite/femboy... And you don't have to be kinky.
You are, in your own words, someone that likes to "dress up and get pegged, be the girl" it really is as simple as that.
You don't need to label it - if that's what you like and is all you like, that's all there is to it.
You are amazing wonderful you, unique & kinky just like the rest of us!
No labels, no strict paths to follow, just seeking enjoyment in your own way.
Not everything has to have a label
This is who you are and what you like, that makes you a lucky person. You know, unlike others, exactly what you like. Not everyone knows that. Labels are not necessary
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