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I admit I was nervous but she was on her way I couldn’t back out now. The rule of thumb has always been fuck first ask questions later. Emily said she was bringing her toys and I couldn’t really picture in my mind what exactly it was that I was going to do with them. I had this little sleeper blindfold, and this mini vibrator that had been collecting dust for a few months and I remote control that had yet to be used. I was insecure about the whole situation after all my wife did just leave me so what, was what here? I had my tool kit so to speak, all laid out across the bed. When Emily walked in I could tell that she knew although I was interested I’d never had full control before. Her smirk said your trying but the toss of her bag towards the ruffled comforter on my bed immediately forfeited the conclusion I knew what I was doing. That bag is heavy fuck what’s in it I thought. Before I knew it she began taking out toy after toy and more importantly she followed my rule not one dick shaped object was in there and that night I opened Pandora’s box. I fucked for hours, hadn’t done that since I was a teenager so now I’m curious what the fuck is what?
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