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Morning spitroast 🐷🌭

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Woke up this morning to the sound of giggling and rustling, I went to turn over to see what it was but couldn’t…my hands had been tied to each corner of the bed posts.

Before I could ask my girlfriend what was going on she shoved a penis shaped object into my mouth….(little did I know she had bought a penis gag), the penis went in as deep as it could and she fastened it till it was tight and snug.

She then went out of the room and returned with something in her hands…she whispered into my ear,
“would you like a sausage sandwich?”

I was confused but nodded “mmmph mmmph”
She replied “good, I think you’ll enjoy it”
(as she puts on her strap-on which she had just pulled out of the hallway cupboard).
“Mmmpphh! Mmmmmphh! Mmmmmph!”

“I see your loving my sausage being stuffed between your buns!… not a bad way to wake up is it?…being ***fully spit roasted by your girlfriend!”She sarcastically claimed.
Beautiful images and I enjoy your girlfriend’s sense of humour and naughty approach and attitude. Incredible way to wake up. That is what can feed and nurture a relationship, the element of surprise !!! ❤️❤️❤️
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