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A Surprise For A House Guest


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My wife invited a friend of hers to help with her recovery and to give me a break which I did not know !! And a vanilla friend at that but sexy as fuck and recently divorced !!! She is younger than the wife and I and a nurse who my wife trained in cardiac care !!  

           The wife fell asleep after a Xanax lol so sherry said she was going to go home and hit the hay so I waited about 30 minutes and then got into my kinky closet I got out a black very tight rubber total enclosure suit attached socks and gloves and hood and cock sheath and anal condom I got out my 40 DDs as well ! 

             I put my boobs on then lubed up and slipped on my rubber cocoon the sheath felt good so did the anal condom when inserted with a prostate massager !! Then I slipped on a white spandex Nike woman's 1 piece  swimmers suit !! My boobs looked awesome so did my black rubber bulge under the white shiny suit !! Then I got out a weight belt and air tank and long black fins and my cressi full face mask 

           I had just put the scuba gear on and was setting on the couch legs spread and wand on med just enjoying it all when I heard the door behind me I laid face down on the couch hiding my tits and hard on !! She walked by and saw me and said omg what are you doing then she just turned walked out and slammed the door I was trying to grasp what had just happened when I heard the door again and she walked over sat in a chair next to the couch and said so are you going to tell me what you are doing all encased in that outfit ????

         I looked up and said I am so sorry but she didn't understand me with the reg hissing and popping !! She said well stand up so I can see what you look like never seen a rubber fetishist in real life just photos !! I stood up facing away from her she said well nice ass I turned and said thank you ! She said still can't hear you I raised the mask up to my forehead and she said sit so I sat on couch she got up set next to me !! She said can I feel your hood then she ran her hand along my cheek and said oh slick then she leaned in and put her lips to mine and kissed me for a long time !! Then she stood and slipped her shirt off showing her black spandex sports bra and great tits then she pushed her leggings down to her ankles and stepped out of them exposing her black spandex thong underwear!!!  Then she helped me up and helped me with my tank and belt and then helped me out of the white swim suit then I put my tank and belt back on she kissed me again and slid my mask back down over my face and said follow me to the pool and then she explained she had always had a fantasy about going swimming and being attacked by a rubber clad man and fucked and being made to suck his cock after he fucks her to get her cum off him !!! 

         Then she asked if I had an extra mask snorkel and fins she could wear so I gave her a pink set then I got in the pool and then she jumped in I floated on the bottom stroking my cock watching her swim then I swam up under her and took my hand and rubbed her pussy !! Then I grabbed her around the waist and buried my mask in her crotch as I pulled her under !!! During the flurry of bubbles and splashing she put her hands on the back of my head and was grinding her spandex covered pussy against my mask !!! After several minutes of play fighting and groping and grinding  we both swam to the side of the pool I Wade my way to the steps and she followed me and I sat with my chest and shoulders and head out of water she said far enough and she laid on her back and put a leg over each shoulder and floated like that I started rubbing her pussy and slid her thong to the side and pushed 2 fingers inside her as she moaned  and clinched her pussy muscles around my fingers !! After having a hell of an orgasm she said now you lay with your ass here keeping my cock above water level she sets on the face plate of my mask as she slides her mouth down my cock and I start shaking she sucks hard and fast making me cum hard in my sheath all my heavy breathing she said the bubbles tickled her pussy then we talked awhile and flirted back and forth until I was hard again 

            Then she grabs my cock and tells me to lay flat on my back already took my tank off it was empty but I had my cressi mask back on with no reg in it she lubed up my cock and slowly slid down it until my balls were against her ass then she started going back and forth slowly then bouncing up and down I grabbed her hips held her still and thrust up into her several times then started yelling I am going to cum so I started pounding her harder and harder until we both exploded 

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