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Dani's Birthday Surprise


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I will be in town for your birthday, I told her over the phone.

Oh? Coming to hang out with an old lady to make her feel good?

You are a sexy MILF!

Whatever, the last time you were here you picked up a 23 yr old for us to have a 3some with.


And... You fucked her ass and pussy and came inside her. She ate my pussy. You didn't fuck me. I want to be fuckable.

Daddy sent Dani a package the day before her birthday. Inside was a tiny black dress and shoes with a note that said be ready by 8pm tomorrow.

8 pm on the dot the limo pulled up to her house and she hopped in. Daddy was wearing a tuxedo.

Where are we going Daddy?

You'll see.

We pulled up to a shady looking adult video store.

Are you buying me a new toy?

Daddy smiled.

I led her through the store and into a back room. On the TV was a video blaring very loud.

It was a video of Dani getting ass fucked by Daddy and screaming while her tits bounced back and forth.

In the room were three guys, all with their huge cocks out.

She is a hot MILF they exclaimed.

Dani, get on your knees and suck those cocks. 

Oh my God Daddy.

She dropped to her knees, and took a cock in her mouth and strokes the other two. She switched cocks between sucking and stroking.

She swallowed every inch of cock around her. 

We worked all of them so hard. All at the same time, the huge cocks shot loads all over her.

Thank you Daddy.

She walked out of the video store covered in cum. Don't clean it off.

We got back into the limo and headed to our next stop. 

We pulled up to a house and there was a big banner. 

Dani's Big Birthday Bang


I just smiled.

I walked her into the house and closed the door behind her. 

Strip to your heels.

Cum on her hair and face and tits I walked her to the basement.

The room was filled with guys and 3 women.

The BIRTHDAY MILF is here someone exclaimed.


There was a bed in the middle of the floor. 

Go lay down 

One one the guys laid down between her thighs. You're so beautiful. He buried his face in her pussy. Licked her.  He rolled her on top of his face. She rode his face.

I sat down and dropped my pants. One of the women came over to me and sucked on me while I watched Dani.

The other 2 woman started sucking the guys and getting them hard.

One of the guys came up to Dani and started to eat her ass while she was getting her pussy licked by another guy.

Dani was cumming over and over.

She laid on her back and another cock slid in her pussy. Your pussy is so tight and wet. The cock pumped her over and over and came inside her.

Another guy walked over and rolled her on her stomach and slide into her ass. You are the sexiest woman I have ever seen. He pumped her ass, slow and deep. She came deep in her ass.

2 guys approached her and said, you are so beautiful and sexy with a great body. One ate her ass, the other ate her pussy.

She came again and again 

I watched while getting sucked.

Two other guys came over. She got on one cock, taking it in her pussy. You are so sexy with great tits, he said. Another guy slid in her ass. You have a perfect ass, he said.

They both pumped her. One in her ass and one in her pussy.

She screamed out.

I walked over and fed her my cock. She sucked on me hard. 

I made her swallow all of me and came in her mouth.

The two cocks continued to pump her and came in her ass and pussy.

She laid on the bed panting.

The whole room sang Happy Birthday and cake was brought out

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