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I've a few suggestions I'd like to put forward.

I'm not going to be upset if none get taken on board - but some would potentially, I feel, improve the user experience on the forums.

First off.  Whenever anyone creates a new post it goes to moderation.  For the best part I can understand this, although I'm not quite sure if it's necessary for some of the many users who've proven to be really humans who make coherent posts.
it makes little sense when new users can make comments on other posts and while there's probably a lot of good first comments - there's a lot which are.. out of place...

And a lot whereby if the user had made that as a first post would have been declined.

And, in some cases users who'll make multiple comments of the same nature on similar threads.

So, my suggestion relax new post restrictions on some users
But put in place initial restrictions on even post comments from new users.

I also kinda feel that bumping your own threads shouldn't be permitted although I don't know the best way around this.

By that I mean a *bump* or a nominal comment on a thread you start which had no replies or gone dead.

I also feel there's sometimes stealth classifieds getting through - these are the ones which are basically "I am a guy and this is my fetish and would like to talk to women about it" - why just women? It's not a discussion it's either an ad or seeking wank material.

A lot of these threads don't descend into conversations for that reason - so I almost think they could be rephrased for contribution/discussion.

This sounds like I'm being more negative than I should be.  I dunno, I like this site and the forum - but as we know from the treasure hunt threads there's people happy to use them and contribute but there's not so much getting them on other threads.

I also, from my experience, find it a bit off-putting to start a new post as I've seen it take up to 3 days to be approved by which point a lot of my momentum has gone.

I won't be upset if any of the above isn't possible or is ruled out.  But, I think there should/could be thought into improving the user experience.


Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. I can't make any promises, but I will put them forward for consideration. 



no - that's good :) some of them will be "that's not a route we want to go down", some might be "let's try it see how it goes" and some might be "actually, that's a good idea at the moment"

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I really love what you are suggesting...has its problems in how it would work...but in principle it is a really good suggestion...Momentum...it does go...the longer one has to wait....ones anger or desire to reply to a post wanes.Can I be bothered to reply....that initial enthusiasm to continue a topic...somehow becomes less important....Improving user experience should be at the forefront of Fetish.coms development..!...We all make mistakes...that is how we learn...Unless you try new approaches....listen and learn from the feedback you get from members..!...how do you expect to take Fetish.com to the next level of user enjoyment..!...How many attempts did it take to perfect technological advances before they thought ..yes..thought they got it right...even now...nothing is perfect...Fetish.com needs to relax some of the guide lines...come up with a different way of monitoring posts ...comments...use their discretion...and give a warning....not points for a first offence......not punish a member of not fully understanding the guide lines...From a personal point of view...I have made a lot of mistakes...because I did not fully understand the guide lines...It is a mistake that is so easily made...There have been few occasions where in my own posts..I made a reference to previous topics I posted...they were allowed...when I mentioned any reference to my posts in reply to a topic raised by another member...they were not allowed...Why..?..I know I have strayed from the initial points raised by Eyemblacksheep...but I feel that they all have some bearing on what you have mentioned...Cassie..


You mentioned stealth adds ...you are so right...I cannot disclose how or where from...but I have a beta programme installed...very sophisticated ..On Fetish .com...whenever I am on line I get on average 50 to 60 attempts to access my account..!..over a period of 2 to 3 hours...I also get about 100 to 200 referrals to on line dating sites...all based in Guernsey...under different names.....What I have installed is an incredibly sophisticated tracking programme..alot of what you have mentioned...about stealth adds..etc...all originate from Guernsey......All the companies listed as registered in Guernsey....all come under the umbrella of ONE company registered in America..!..If I was to mention the name of the company ..I do not think they would allow this reply..!..You know where to look..


As a follow up ..I saw an interview on a mainstream American TV channel with the owner of the company I mentioned as owning all the dating...contact companies registered in Guernsey....It was sickening...It was taken off line within minutes of being broad cast,..!...

"   Nothing wrong in making money from those who were perverted and sick. " ..!..just one of the comments he made..!..If I lived in America and owned a ......I would have no regrets in my actions...Cassie...

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