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I think it is worrying that anyone can read what I would call sensitive discussions between members which should stay private between members! I do not know if I miss understood a reply I received yesterday but  if it is true that the General public can explore  this website without being a member.It is very worrying.

There is also the security aspect to be taken into account. I want to feel safe in the knowledge that only members can access my profile etc This needs to be clarified.This is a great website...but think about limiting access by the General Public.


Privacy is such a big topic, not just here but online everywhere. I've consulted with my Fetish.com team mates and here's what I can tell you. 

Forum Privacy:  Logged out users can see posts, but not interact with them. Logged out users are also able to see who posted (along with username and photo).  BUT, this is all dependent on the privacy levels members have set for their profile. If anyone is unsure of the privacy levels for their profile: go here https://www.fetish.com/myprofile/privacysettings   As with any online community, it’s up to members to set what they want as public or not. 

Profile Privacy - All profiles are set to a default level of privacy. Profiles are public unless otherwise selected. Images are public unless otherwise selected (the default setting is ‘for fetish.com members only’ - except for profile photo).

Again, if you need to check your privacy settings and what level they're set at, follow the link above or hover your mouse over your profile picture, select 'edit my profile' then select 'Privacy' from the left-hand menu.

Another note: Personal ads are public. Not private. 

I hope this answers your questions!



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