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Primal hunter/prey


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Hey kinky people,
I’d like some folks to describe the primal hunter/prey thing to me.
It sounds like dom/sub, but beyond that, what do they actually do/act like?
Do they roleplay like cave people? Animals?
Does primal cross paths with furry interests?
I’m curious, it sounds fun.

typically one person (usually dom) is hunter. the hunt well hunts the prey (sub typically). scratching, clawing, animal sound. Doesn't cross paths with furry...furry is actually part of plushophilia (tho commonly confused it is both sexual and nonsexual) although you can add it into primal play. mainly role play is like it sounds hunter and prey. prey tries to get away but hunter catches. (i recommend High energy for this type of play) hope this helps!

Primal is easy.

think pirate, vampire, werewolf, robber.. we say hunter because preditor has bad connotations.

It comes under CNC (consentual non consent) the idea that one person preys upon another and there is a struggle. If you have ever asked why people find vampires and werewolves sexy its because of primal.

Primal isnt about biting, scratching and growling; these are just things you would do if you was fighting for your life. A hunter enjoys overpowering its prey, prey enjoys being overpowered.

It's for those who dont want submission given on a plate, but actually taken.

Some enjoy the hunt, others enjoy being hunted.

I love primal play, but there are many who get primal mixed up with roleplaying as an animal, sure it is an example of primal but its more of a psychological thing, a struggle for power or maybe just a way to show your partner how powerful you really are.

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