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Primal-Dom ๐ŸŽ€ Sub-Primal-Prey


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With a primal growl, I take you in my arms,
Embracing your surrender and the erotic charms,
Mmmm, my submissive, you are my precious prize,
Your body mine to command, your pleasure my only guise.

Gaze upon me, see the hunger in my eyes,
Let my touch ignite you until you can't disguise,
Throbbing with desire, harder than steel,
Every inch of you is mine to make feel.

I whisper in your ear, my voice husky and low,
My sweet submissive, how I love to make you glow,
Your every gasp, your every moan is my reward,
My voluptuous queen, your obedience is adored.

My way with you is slow and intense,
My every move making your heart commence,
With a firm hand and a kind caress,
Our passions entwine, there is nothing else but this.

( at ) OsPando

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Yesterday at 03:02 AM, Angelbaby865 said:
I hope to read more from you.

I have few on my profile or also minibloging Telegram โœ” OsPandoInc

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