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Mind Fuck:

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The mind is a powerful tool and the wielder uses it as their personal sex toy,

The mind does wonders to the prey laying there, thinking back to where they gave up control.

That feeling of unknown anticipation is as intoxicating as it is frightening.

It all starts with control, the prey thinks she has it, thinks she is holding it all together. 

He, the predator, sees her truly as she is, lost, lonely, needing to be owned, protected, taught to embrace those dark desires she has. 

He stalks her, waiting for the precise moment to take her down the rabbit hole. 

She feels it, feels it’s in her gut, between her thighs, feeling it slide out as it pools.

She wants to run, run away, run towards him, run into the unknown of pleasure and pain, and her mind is racing. 

She panics, thinking of back up plans, safety nets, but He has the control. He is the safety net, her safe place.

He pushes her to the uncomfortable zones, he will teach her, mold her mind into the best version of her self. 

He will guide her, she will do the work; her mind will become stronger, honed to his voice.

That voice will penetrate her mind as she closes her eyes, that voice, his voice, will whisper in her ear his dominance, and she will feel at her core his desire and need to own her. 

It is there where she will feel fear, desire to be hunted, protected, owned, and His.

It is in the mind that will take her back to that moment they shared, that moment he took her, it is that mind that wants to be there again, be there always, and to release the control she has in it. 

That mind will want to be controlled by Him. 

He will dominate her thoughts and feelings before he ever dominates her physically. 

Because He fucks her mind before he fucks her body. 

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