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The physical distance is nothing to what the heart feels.

Half a world away and I can hear your heart beat, smell your scent, feel your warmth, and taste your lips.

Though we are far apart and our paths have changed, you will be forever in my heart.

Your voice in my head like a graceful lullaby.

Our connection, although brief was true, raw, natural, and beautiful.

You helped me more than you know, and I have grown because of you. 

You’ve inspired me to trust my gut, my intuition, and as such I have to be true to who I am.

You feel like home, a trusted safe place to look back upon and know it was all real and true. 

A friendship forged through the magnetic pull of kindred energy.

Here is to the future, whatever may come I will carry your sage words with me. 

I hope Sir looks upon the thoughts, words, and moments with as much love and fondness as I, always His little one. 

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