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I want to be seen, not heard


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My desire to only be seen, interacted with, but not heard is immense. I can only think of the huge bond required for such a relationship, where I can interact with my body language and senses rather than speaking. You could also interact with me, I could smile and point at somewhere. Not having to speak is a luxury, a pure loving silence. Taking a beautiful view of silence and saving my speech for the rest of my life, give my voice box a rest? Right?
This is an interesting one.
Sometimes i think acting out on silence can make things so much more intense and arousing.
Theres aspects in all dynamics. Like the raise of an eyebrow perhaps
Its very telling
And people who dont require sounds often find themselves more aware and in tune with a partner. Looking for every little sign or clue. Body language is hugely under appreciated for a good lot of people. In all its very exciting being able to 'control' or 'obey' someone with a simple gesture.
Not sure if i could manage that 24/7 but the little bouts of it are very pleasing indeed
4 hours ago, ShropshireDom70 said:

"You say it best, when you say nothing at all" x

A ronan fan ;) heheee 

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