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The perfect evening

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A work in progress I started… suggestions welcome.  Hope someone else might enjoy

You have me sit on the corner edge of the bed. I’m in a pleather teddy, one with a two way zipper up the front, g-string back. You like being able to easily see my ass. My hands are behind my back, tits on the verge of coming out of this outfit. And of course your favorite strappy heels. The ones I bought for a pole dance exercise class. You tell me to spread my legs, and you run your hand over my pussy. I’m already so wet for you. But you want to tease me first. I have a snap collar and leash on so you pull it, my cue to stand up. You now sit on the bed, up against the headboard and have me sit down between your legs. You reach around and grab my throat. Somethings missing.. you grab a ball gag and put it on me. “Make it as wet as that pussy, baby” I start licking and rotating the silicone ball. It makes it sound like I’m sucking on your cock and you can hardly stand it. I know because I feel you pulse behind me.  Im practically drooling on myself so you lean me back against you. You have a porn playing on your tv, I love when you make me watch whatever you please. You start playing with my tits. Lowering the top zipper, pulling each one out and squeezing. Pinching my nipples. I arch my back more, pressing into your hands. “Do you like that baby?” I moan, unable to actually answer with the ball gag in my mouth. You chuckle, I’m already such a mess in your hands, heart rate increasing, drooling, aching to be fucked.

You grab some of my spit, slipping your hand over my pussy again, this time dipping a finger in. You move in and out, so wanting to slide your cock in me instead. But you know I cum harder when you’ve tortured every part of me. You pull the leash and tell me to flip over. I now lay across your lap. I feel your hand slip into my hair, pulling it so I arch my back “let me see that ass baby girl”  I raise it as much as I can. You start grabbing, squeezing, rubbing. One of my favorite things is how much you like my ass, and when you take the time to appreciate it. You slide your hands up and down the back of my thighs. Finally, a firm smack as you come down on my ass. Again, rubbing, grabbing, another smack. “Are you going to do what I tell you to? Be a good slut for daddy?” I nod fiercely, moaning, wanting you so badly I’ll do anything you ask. “Good girl. How about you get down on those knees first.” You undo my hands, and take off the ball gag. I know exactly what you have in mind. You then stand before me and undo your pants. I pull them down so your cock springs forward. “That’s right baby, show me you want it”

I run my hands up your thighs, looking up at you. I start planting kisses around your cock, taking my time. Then I lick you from the base to the tip, trying to get it as wet as I can. I start sucking your cock, rubbing my hands on your balls and then your dick, finding a rhythm as I take you in and out of my mouth. Gagging a little, because I know you love the sound. The truth is, this is one of my favorite parts. I feel submissive and empowered all at once. I love pleasing you, I love taking the time to appreciate every part of your cock. I love the feel of swirling my tongue around your tip. And the tiny bit of brat in me wants to make you cum first. But I know you have too many other plans in mind…

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