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Suspicious effects of applying latex spray - need help


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Hello there with my first post :)
I need some advice.
I purchased this cheap spray for latex and applied it on the outer surface of my latex gloves. The results are quite far from what I expected. The latex became shiny, yes, but it also started sticking to itself a lot, almost as if it was covered with glue.

The inner surface I covered with talcum powder, then I put on the gloves, washed them with water and a little soap, and dried. Only then covered with spray.

amazon* Latex-6300120000-Glanz-Spray-400-ml

What do you think about the ingredients of this specific? - propane, dimethicone, butane.
It was advertised as a silicone-based spray for latex, and indeed, dimethicone is a kind of oily silicone, commonly used in cosmetics too. The other ingredients are just "gas carriers", I guess (sorry, I probably do not use proper chemical naming).
I have read to avoid oils, because they break down latex, but I don't know if I should avoid dimethicone then.
How would you compare these ingredients to other latex sprays, that are high quality? I found some more expensive sprays for comparison, and the ingredients are similar, like: cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone, dimethiconol.
Maybe the latex is not good quality... I ordered the gloves from a known cheap Chinese store, but they had good reviews, everybody praising the quality of material, actually.

I don't know what to do to achieve that nice finish for my latex garment.
Maybe I need to put more work into rubbing the spray into latex...


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Those sprays are really bad news. Talcom powder is only for use with long term storage.
Use a silicone lube like Pjur Cult inside and out. Much more fun as well ;-)

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Thanks, uberkontroller, for your reply!

Have you tested that Glanz Spray yourself? I mean, I saw it being used in some porn backstage video, so it can't be that bad if professionals use it :P

And 100 ml bottle of Pjur will cost me more than the gloves...

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