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Trying to find a Domme.

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Trying to find a Domme who enjoys foot worshipping for a male friend of mine.  Having  no success,  any ideas?


I think first off, wing-womaning isn't always the most successful anyway - there's a common scam where a guy will pose as a woman trying to find another woman for the guy - and so that's a lot of people's suspicions.

But, of course, there are always advice you can give him.

There's always choices but a lot of the solutions aren't always popular.

For example

Number 1. Pay somebody.

There are many women who enjoy foot worship but just because you enjoy something doesn't mean you'd do it with anyone who asks - but there are those whom enjoy it and offer it professionally - so, voila... of course, per other threads on here there are a lot of guys who don't like that idea for one reason or another.   And of course this be expensive if you wish to do it repeat or regular

Number 2. Clubs

Now, I've been going to clubs on and off for 5 years now and sometimes things happen - recently I ended up giving someone a foot massage (hands only - an actual massage to be useful) but in the past I have also been on the end of "you boy, kiss my feet" (you don't have to tell me twice!) but, it's important not to be one of those guys that goes around desperate for play with anyone.  And, also, this kind of approach with a stranger isn't for everyone

Number 3. Actually get to know people

Of the options, this yields the best results but can take the longest time.  A case of going to munches and events and becoming more known, possibly with some online as well, and building up some trust - and - you might hit lucky with a relationship or someone might be "yeah, you're decent enough - I can have you at my feet"


In any of the above, as a tool tip, it's amazing how many guys with a foot fetish actually don't know all that much about feet.  Just putting it out there that I've learnt a lot in time - but, really, if you want to boost chances it's all in having something that is useful to others.  Actually learning how to give a foot massage and not just diving in tongue first... I've found that can be very helpful.

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