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Nothing tastes as good…


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For as long as I can remember, excluding one very short period of about six months, I have been at the very least overweight, in reality obese.

I have struggled to do anything about this despite hating it and wishing it was different. Laziness, lack of self belief that I could and feeling like I didn’t deserve it are the main culprits.

There is a well known saying:

Nothing tastes as good as skinny/slim feels

But I do not agree with this.

Being happy in one’s self feels as good as the food you want to eat tastes.

However there is very definitely something that tastes so much better than skinny feels.


Sucking, licking, gagging and kissing a cock. Hearing the moans of the man it belongs to. Watching him come undone because of me. Seeing the lust and desire in his eyes. Feeling his need and urgency for me and his hands taking my hair and forcing me to take more while he fucks my face… THIS definitely tastes better than skinny feels.

This is what I need.

This is what I crave right now.

I can and will love my body for me.

And I will continue to greedily hope and wish to enjoy a tasty, beautiful cock (and the man it belongs to, if he’ll let me?).

Love X


Ive looked at your pics and i think you ate truelly beautiful. A real wimen. Sexy. Sassy. Pretty. Horny. Love yer as you are xx
Nothing tastes as good as gorgeous looks, and you’re gorgeous. To be honest I don’t think you’d be as sexy if you were the “right size”.
We're lucky that we all have different tastes :-)
Slim here. How do you think I feel being in the opposite?. I was at a local undergarments store in Germany. Looking for a sports bra with the owner. All we kept seeing was C, D, DD and up. She felt bad, but was funny. She said "In Germany, women are Big"!😂
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Your gorgeous and I'm also overweight but I'm learning to accept myself.  We have something else in common the love for cock lol sending love and I hope you have one to enjoy soon. :)

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