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I'd love to hear about everyone's experiences with CEI assuming anyone's attempted it, it's becoming increasingly intriguing for me however I've come to the realisation I definitely need more support & encouragement. Feel free to post your unique experiences etc, hints & tips.
Depends what you mean by CEI, having Googled it there are numerous abbreviations that match - the most obvious being "Cum Eating Instructions" but if that's what you meant your use of the word "attempted" has confused me, as it's hardly tricky...you get told to eat cum, you either do it or you don't, plain and simple

the problem a lot of guys have is they have this fantasy in their head.   They then jerk. And cum.  And the fantasy is over now, there is no need to go ahead and eat it.

And. You know what?

That's OK.   There's nothing wrong with getting off to the fantasy and then not following through since you're not letting anyone down.

If, for the want of a better word, you want to make sure you follow through... there's three logical options

1) A position where you have to cum in your own mouth.

On your back, legs bent over head - jerk - it's going in your face and gawping mouth

2) Jerking onto something you are about to eat

though, it may put you off your appetite

3) Paying someone, in person, for it

on cam a lot of people again will say they want CEI but then switch off after the cum shot.   Not all, but, of course if you're struggling to follow through higher risk.

If someone is emptying a condom into your mouth or smearing their hand on your mouth then - well - you can lie there pathetically while they do it ;)



This is an interesting one.. as I have sessions cam or in person where I instruct cum eating.if I am Kind I may allow the person to drink cum in a shot glass that contains their favourite spirit ( scotch for instance,) 

i have kept shot glasses in fridge freezer for future consumption.. watch someones face when you tell them it someone else’s cum ! 

have allowed them to cum on my toes and clean up.

I find it odd how males take it for granted that females will accept the taste of their semen, however when to be told to drink it themselves they gag . 








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