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Kidnapping fantasy in alicante

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Kidnapping play.
I'm inviting my baby girl to alicante, S*** and I want to give her, her wildest fantasy. She has always had a fantasy about being kidnapped and tied down, then fucked by her kidnapper and í want to make her fantasy come true.
Does anyone know if there is some kind of service that can help in those matters? And does anyone know any good places to explore some kinks?
My thought would be, why do ot in a foreign country where it's unlikely that you don't know the area or speak the language and why outsource to individual/s you've never met? CNC is risky enough without adding unknowns to it. Sometimes I think fantasy should remain fantasy
36 minutes ago, CopperKnob said:
My thought would be, why do ot in a foreign country where it's unlikely that you don't know the area or speak the language and why outsource to individual/s you've never met? CNC is risky enough without adding unknowns to it. Sometimes I think fantasy should remain fantasy

Yeah thats a good thought. Still there are companys that offer this service around the world. But not in my country and not hers. I am inviting her there anyway, so why not make the most of it. We are going there to have a good time. So why not make the most of it?


Anything you do needs contingencies and safety measures in place

this is not possible in a country you don't know, with individuals you've never met, with a language you don't speak

A good question to ask yourself, in judging whether you've prepared appropriately, is how you would explain this to the Spanish police. If someone sees you and calls them (which is a real risk here in the UK too), how will you explain what you are doing. My honest thought is that this is a high risk scene and I'd advise great care doing it in THIS country, let alone a foreign one.
I have done a kidnapping with a past partner, even though she totally trusted me it properly scared her. We had talked about it but she didn’t know when it would happen, I picked a place she had never been to before, dragged her out her flat tied under a large coat and led her to my car a shot walk across the city so we had to walk past lots of people, that made her nervous. Took her off somewhere quiet, put her in the boot of my car with a sack over her head and covered in blankets. She had no clue what was going on. Such a good night.
My point is all you need is good planning and it can be fairly safe. Push limits a little or at least make them think you are.

To expand a bit
the first off is to discuss with your partner if this is something she would really want.  And if this did happen what she might like to happen and what totally should not happen

You can kinda build on this with your own understanding on their likes, wants and fantasies as a partner.  You should have no doubt that you are doing the right thing.

So, obviously, this isn't really a surprise if you tell her 'tomorrow you will be kidnapped' but an indication it might happen one day. Also an indication if it did happen of safewords to use to either stop it, or to get some form of confirmation it was set up

From there there are two main ways you can set something up

One involves mutual friends and while they themselves would not be involved in the kidnapping they would be a monitor of the process who can also feed to you how things are going.  Perhaps one passes her on the street and says 'hello' but is a look out both to make sure everything else is in place and also to make sure it's safe to do the kidnapping i.e. no witnesses that will think this is real.

The other.  As stated there are people who will help set up a kidnap fantasy but they tend to be pricey.  It would also be 100% on you to vet them and also make sure it is very clear what is expected and would could and should not happen.  Any safewords should also be communicated to them and you would have to be sure they are respected.

The important thing

No matter how much she has said this is a fantasy or that she wants to do it - you have no idea how she will ultimately react (nor does she)  if you are on holiday together, especially in a strange place - she may be startled and not want to do much after that.  She may be angry or upset with you if she was genuinely scared and felt the set up was inappropriate.

There is also very little you can do about it if there were lines crossed if it was set up with people you didn't know.   


For me in this set up it would be irresponsible to go ahead with your scenario.  This doesn't mean never do this - but it mean - there's a lot of ground work you need to do together, because if this was done you wouldn't be asking the questions

This one is a bit like a game of three dimensional chess. There is a lot to consider here for you as the facilitator and planner.

Firstly, think ahead - as eyemblacksheep has already suggested. Your partner needs to be fully onboard with this in a 100% kind of way. No room for maybe’s if there might be triggers, and this goes wrong.

Secondly - safety… theirs first - but also yours. Think about how you might justify and verify that this was all consenting if - and I stress IF this were to go wrong in some way.
“She wanted me to do it” is not mitigation in any way if she is unable - or unwilling to corroborate your version of events.

Thirdly - and this one with my professional head on, the Spanish Police are not known for half measures when investigating crimes like kidnap. They will not be gentle with you if, say, a concerned citizen sees you bundling your trussed up partner into the back of a vehicle, and takes down your registration as you drive off.
An armed Spanish police officer who is unsure if his situation and response and your motives may prove highly unpredictable. I am not questioning their professionalism.. just their potential reaction to Johnny Foreigner taking a “hostage”.

Lastly, whatever and wherever you decide to do this, do NOT consider going down the fake gun or weapon route - In a hostage situation the rules of engagement are highly kinetic and fluid. You may end up with more holes in you than Swiss cheese.
There may also be a degree of language barrier to manage if you end up interviewed by the authorities - not to mention the difference in Spanish Law to ours…
Do you need to do this in S*** ??

Think very, very carefully before you go down this path.

There are people who will facilitate this for you in the safest way possible, but they will be expensive - and you have no way of properly vetting their abilities unless you know them personally - or have access to people who can properly vet them.
Regarding Alicante, there is a significant criminal element in that location… I would suggest it is not a safe and suitable location for this scenario.
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