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Morning Session

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You wake up bound to my bed.

Your eyes covered in velvety cloth.

Your hands tethered with soft rope.

Your bounds are strong yet do not cut into your flesh, although you know you are not going anywhere.

You sit on your knees bent over a box of some sort.

You start to struggle and try to scream out when you notice your mouth is gagged.

You can breathe through the holes in the ball, but all your moans and whimpers are distorted.

There is loud chaotic metal music with industrial sounds and a screaming singer belting out her war cry off in the near distance.

You hear footsteps and the snapping of a whip behind you.

The hair stands up on the back of your neck and raises on your arms.

You are in fight or flight mode and you can not do anything but sit tethered to this bed and wait.

A crack sound comes across your ass that you now know is bare and *** ripples through your backside all the way through to your fingertips.

You scream out in a mixture of surprise and *** and pleasure, you mumble moan through your gag and you don't know whether you are asking for more or asking me for less.

Another crack comes from behind you hitting the other side and evening out your emotions.

Sliding down your back with little whip hits, lightly now, all the way up-and-down your back and shoulders.

I take the whip in my hand and I rub it against your wet dripping sex. I want this wet whip to make even better contact with your flesh.

I give your clit a series of light taps to redden it and bring *** to the surface.

Your pussy is screaming hot right now yearning to be fucked. Almost nipping back at the whip.

I lightly slap your inner thighs on both sides and run the soaked whip up-and-down your legs hitting vital pieces of skin, pushing you into tiny bits of ecstasy as the electrical impulses fire each time the whip cracks you.

I tightened the leash around your neck as I push my fingers into you.

Pulling you onto my hand and rocking you with all my strength.

I pushed my thumb deep into you reaching your service entrance and with expert motions I ebb and edge your cervix until a gush of cum fills my hand.

I use your juices to wet your sex and pause slightly to taste your product from my fingers, pleased with your performance, i determine that now is time for the real show.

You start to hear a mechanical whirring coming from the box, rather saddle, that you have been resting on.

You don't know what it is, but it scares you, none the less.

This whirring turns into vibrations as the saddle begins to pulse and throb in indescribable ways.

Your body starts to convulse and you try to jump off the machine, yet you are tethered down and locked tight.

As your body revolts your clit grows large and your sex explodes all over the machine dripping down your thighs and soiling my sheets and the machine.

Threw the ball gag you scream and moan begging for me to stop.

But this is only the beginning.

As I turn the machine up higher you go into a blank ecstasy where you can not understand what you are doing and all you know is that you want to come more and more and you never want it to stop.

You no longer make any sound, just convulse and shake in silence and the only sound in the room is the wet slapping of your puddle of cum vibrating against your pussy.

After what seems like an eternity of ebbing and slowing and speeding up and cuming and dousing this bed I give you a break.

I remove your bounds and I kiss your wrists and I remove your collar and I kiss your neck and I remove your gag and I kiss your face and I take you off of the machine that has made you so exhausted.

And I set you in soft bedding and soft pillows and I brush your hair so nicely and I speak so softly to you.

And with a look of horror from what I have just said you clutch the stuffed *** from my bed and lay down on the fluffy pillows and stare at the wall.

You smile and you slightly pout and whimper just a bit as you remember those words that keep repeating in your head "hunny, you did a great job during our first session, get a little rest and we will start on the next nine…"

Please let me know if there are errors or something missing, only way to get better is criticism 😅
There's an error. How can u wake up bound to a bed then discover ur actually on ur knees bound over something....
1 hour ago, BrattyKitten85 said:
There's an error. How can u wake up bound to a bed then discover ur actually on ur knees bound over something....

I was thinking the samething...same thing....
Good story

4 hours ago, BrattyKitten85 said:
There's an error. How can u wake up bound to a bed then discover ur actually on ur knees bound over something....

Thank you I don't think I can edit this post but I will edit the original and make either a transition or start waking up bound to the saddle 😁, thanks for the input

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