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CNC Fantasy .....D/s *erotic story*


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We arrange to meet somewhere very secluded. When I arrive, there is no sign of my Dom, so I step out of the car and start to walk around a bit after the drive . I hear a noise behind me and turn too late…I’m grabbed and a hood is placed roughly on my head. I scream but there is nobody to hear. Is it my Dom? My senses are on high alert. My hands are pulled together in front of me and I feel a rope being tied - I struggle but to no avail. I’m begging to be freed. The rope is tugged and I’m ***d to walk deeper into the woods, my words being ignored. We stop and I’m pushed down onto the ground - the hood is pulled off but immediately a blindfold placed over my eyes. Hands on my neck then forcing my mouth open, cock rammed into my mouth, to the back of my throat, hands in my hair. His cock is throbbing in my mouth, getting harder with each stroke. I’m gagging on his dick and my pussy is begging to be touched. … I’m then pulled to my feet and led to a fallen tree. I’m ***d to lie over the tree and my hands pulled forward and tied to the tree to secure them. I’m struggling but its hopeless…..my assailant has more rope and is wrapping it around my ankles, ***s my legs wide apart and secures them also to the tree. I’m bound and ***. My dress is pulled up and I feel hands caressed over my ass, followed by a sharp, hard slap. I yell out but nobody can hear. Hands grab hold of my knickers, he sharply tugs,ripping them from my shaking body. His hands run over my stockings and I hear a low growl. His fingers touch my cunt, despite the situation, my pussy is wet. He spreads open my ass and spits on it. He pushes his big hard cock into my ass, sooooo deep. I moan….I can’t hide that I love it. He grabs my hair and pulls my head back while he pounds into my ass over and over ….relentlessly. I’m begging him to stop but he just goes harder and deeper, my shouts unheard to him. He cums hard, I feel every last bit empty into my used hole. He steps back and then I feel his breath on my caping hole. He sucks out the cum from my ass and walks around the tree to stand in front of me. He holds my head up and kisses me, feeding his hot cum into my mouth. He pulls off the blindfold and kisses me longer….My Dom…. He smiles and slowly unties the ropes - circulation flows back into my limbs but my body is weak. He rubs his hand over my cunt and feels how much I want him, Fingers lightly going over my clit but he wont do more…..ever teasing me. Brings me closer into his arms and envelopes them around me. My head resting on his chest and I feel his heartbeat …comforting me. He smiles and takes my hand, leading me back to my car. We get in and he directs me to the place he hid his car so we can head back to his home. I am not permitted to fix my ripped clothing, just instructed to drive after checking that I am calm and now safe to do so. We get to the house and he opens the door for us to enter. I’m not even passed the threshold and he has me pinned up against the wall, his hands all over my body, grabbing my breasts and squeezing them hard, He pulls the remains off my dress off and bites onto my nipples, sucking, squeezing . Oh how much I want to feel him inside me again. He orders me to kneel and assume the collar me pose. He places the collar around my neck and I feel the power he has …it centres me completely. He attaches a lead to the o-ring and uses it to bring me to my feet and guide me onto the sofa. I'm told to lie down and he climbs over me, his cock is right there and I greedily take its length into my mouth… my head is hanging over the edge so his cock can go ball deep down my throat. Mmmmm how I love the feel of him in my mouth. He starts to eat my cunt, his tongue exploring all of it. I cum hard instantly but he doesn’t stop. Sucking on my clit and biting my skin, his beard is rubbing against my pussy adding even more delightful sensations……. I was sucking his soul and he was devouring me. I was asking, begging, pleading to feel something inside me…I ached for it. I had to have it. He then turned and put his fingers inside me….ooooohhh how wet they are now. He put his hand tightly on my throat and pushed me onto the sofa, ordered me to open my legs wide, relax and enjoy. He gets the lube and smothers it on his hand, more into my quivering pussy . Oh I know what’s coming now so I *** myself to relax. My Dom then puts on some music for me….my focus as he guides 2 fingers inside me, then 3, then 4. I'm moaning in ecstasy, the feeling as he slowly, gently gets more inside , feeling so full and stretched , but we both want more. Add more lube and mmmmm the thumb is going in too, so slow. It reaches that certain point when the fist can be formed. His rhythm increases and I’ve lost count of how may OMG and OH FUCK I’ve said in the last 15 mins . Just when I think the pleasure can’t get any better he’s fisting my dripping tight cunt. He gets the wand and places it on my clit. Every time I’m going to cum, he stops, over and over torturing me. I’m loving every second of it. I’m now begging to cum, I have to have this release. He pulls out his dripping fist puts 2 fingers in and works on my g-spot, the wand on my clit . Please let me cum. Cum for my Daddy …..He feels the pressure, pulls out his hand and I start to squirt over and over. He won't stop……It feels so good. He looks around at the mess and is not pleased at all. He says I need to be punished for wetting the room. He puts me on my knees in front of him. He stands, towering over me, feeding his cock into my eager mouth, hands in my hair, pulling me into him. I love sucking his cock, oh how wet my pussy gets. He fucks my face, I’m gasping for air, my hands reaching up trying to break free. He wont stand for that so grabs the cuffs and puts my hands behind my back. Nothing to stop him now. My eyes are watering. Next he gets the spreader bar and places it on my ankles, he bends me over a chair and starts fucking me so deep and so hard. He pulls out then smacks my ass hard, really hard. I yell out and he covers my mouth with his hand, telling me to shut the fuck up or it will get worse. I yell more and he gets hold of his paddle to punish my ass more. In between each smack he caresses my cunt, rubs away the *** of every stroke. occasionally he sticks his cock in me and I’m loving everything he is doing to me. He keeps making me cum but I always want more. He is relentless, he sees the marks forming on my ***d skin and it makes him want more, until he’s satisfied that I have had enough.He takes off the restraints and gently rubs my skin, bringing back the feeling. He kisses me long and deep, this kiss feels like it will never end and neither of us wants it to.he grinds his body against mine and I want him inside me again. His cock is hard and eager for more. He always takes what he wants, when he wants….now he wants to fuck me until he cums.. He turns me around and puts some lube in his hands, rubs it on my ass and puts a butt plug inside me. Oh how good that feels! He enters me again, slowly, passionately, kissing me. The pleasure is immense and we keep this going until we are both coming hard. He held onto me , giving me time to recover, but still pulling on my nipples and feeling my cunt. I shiver and he gets a blanket to cover me……fixes us a bite to eat and drink some wine as we cuddle on the sofa. We talk for ages about what we did and how it made us feel. If there were changes we would like to make in future. I’m still feeling cold, my body in shock from its onslaught. We make our way to the hot tub ………
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