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CNC : Day Hike


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Day Hike, Making her CNC fantasy real: On a day nature hike in the sunlight streaking through the thick trees, a playful picnic on a blanket in the shade, she was restless and fidgety, a sly smile crossed her face and she raised up onto her feet and said “catch me if you can and if you catch me,  take me like a man”.. as she clutched her long summer dress up off the ground and jaunted away deeper into the trees, her heart beating fast and she giggled like a little girl until she heard him fast approaching and breaking branches and his heavy feet catching her, as her tits felt more full and the running made them bounce against her heaving chest
her ever perky nipples became more sensitive and tender as her dress rubbed against them back and forth , she squealed as he was close behind her and his gaze admiring her long hair and her hips twitching to and fro, the roundness of her ass through the thin fabric as the sun pearled through her womanly shape, she was breathless now and out of breath, collapsing to her knees as his strong hands reached out to grab her as she was falling forward, he grasped her hair in his left hand pulling her backwards and she was off balance now his right hand landed on her right tit and clamped on pulling her down the ground as he slid in behind her on the smooth dirt trail , his grip on her hair and tit was tight as he said in a deep almost growl, you are mine! She struggled as he held her head on the ground from behind and pulled her between his knees having had his legs stretched out from sliding to catch her but now pulled her and his lower legs back, he quickly released but only to grasp her hips and flip her to a face down position and raised her hips upward, her face was pressed down into his crotch , her hair was spread out and a mess as she huffed and took in his man scent as he had already unzipped his zipper before the run, he trapped her head with both hands and pressed it into his crotch pulling her lips along and up and down his splayed open zipper until his long hard cock was aligned with the opening and sprung out , he pulled her head away for a moment as she peered through her hair to only see his big red knob of the head of his cock swollen wirh lust and rammed it into her gasping mouth still trying to catch her breath and he pushed his cock further into her quivering lips
And her salvia ran down his shaft he took his other hand and groped her tits, teased and yanked on her now hard nipples, then pulled her long dress back to expose her bottom and peeled her silk panties down her thighs caressing each cheek appreciating the hidden treasure he had captured, as he demanded her to “ suck harder” and she obeyed without thinking as she felt overwhelmed and excited to be so vulnerable, she no longer resisted and his strong hands upon her calmed her, she could feel her pussy wetness slowly dripping down her inner thigh as suddenly he SMACK , spanked her bare ass as she helplessly clamped down on his cock with her mouth and moaned muffled by his manhood filling her mouth, and he began to rhythmically spank her tender ass with a firm stroke until she was beyond pink and now glowing red, he laughed as she buckled with each blow and she could sense that her punishment was just beginning, the sting made her sway her hips and shake her ass to try to shake some of the burning sting off her now tight tingling skin, as the heat soaked into her ass she felt her pussy swelling and her clit so hard it was aching…and she wanted the teasing of his hand on her timing clit that would happen between spanks to never stop, his fingers would dip down into her wetness and press her lips stroking along the edge but never dip into her velvet hole that was now near spasming from his finger dancing lightly across it to reach up and twist each nipple before returning to spank her raised up bottom as her knees shuffled against her dress , she was trapped and he had her on edge of a maddening tease , she wanted so badly to orgasm but he knew just when to switch it up on her and denied her .. she knew and felt he was in complete control, and she was at his mercy.. he ordered her now “ lick my balls and shaft slowly” she quickly and obediently tongued him while his left hand held her head against him and his right hand took her pussy juice and swirled it quickly around her asshole and pushed his middle finger deep into her ass stroking and tapping and pulling on her, she moaned deeply and began to convulse having multiple orgasms, her ass squeezing on his finger, her mind was racing and she wanted so badly to have that cock inside her..pumping her deeply. He commanded her to deep throat his now pulsating cock, he exploded his load into her hungry mouth and used his left hand to twirl her clit until she was dizzy and drew back from his cock with cum dripping out of her mouth into her hair she lashed her tongue out to not lose any more of his sweet man seed, and her moans could now be fully heard she felt her self coming again as rolled her head in agony and ecstasy but he stopped working her ringing clit and pushed her face down again to the ground and positioned himself behind her pulling her ass up higher he pushed against her backside while fingering her pussy while letting his cum drip down into her ass cheeks and slide into her now puckering ass hole….he then slid his two long and strong fingers into her pussy and began to pump her gspot until her thighs were shaking and she she yelled out “oh my god” OhOH OOooOOOOHhhh! And her knees were shaking against the ground as she came and came
again , so pleased with his work he plunged his large thick head of his cock into her asshole and stretching her, her eyes squeezed shut and she instinctively bit her lower lip, he pressed his hard cock deep into her, standing above her plunging into her mercilessly slowly at first then his thrusts were rough and rapid as she squirt all over herself and him as he grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled and pushed her back and forth not noticing her knees were being cut by the rough ground , she gasped out “Please!” , Please what ? He yelled at her indignantly, she murmured her reply in a huffs of breathless whisper “ please sir , don’t stop , please” in a euphoric state of deep sub space…as he pounded her ass deeply with his swollen balls deep into her..she sweetly whimpered as he relentlessly fucked her hard like an animal in the woods, groaning and grabbing her tightly…

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